The Wild Darkness 1.3.13 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, stars, gems, resources, free craft, god mode APK
The Wild Darkness MOD APK 1.3.13

The Wild Darkness 1.3.13 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, stars, gems, resources, free craft, god mode APK

Written by Hai Nam (5 days ago)
Name The Wild Darkness
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher PoPeyed Inc
Size 89MB
Latest Version 1.3.13
MOD Menu, Unlimited money, stars, gems, resources, free craft, god mode
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

The Wild Darkness takes you into a strange dark world where you must learn to survive. This game is built with a simple but interesting plot, an extensive map system, and idle gameplay mechanics. But it sets itself apart from the rest in the survival theme thanks to its classic chibi design style. You will play the role of a tiny hero in a dungeon survival journey. What will challenge you is not only hunger and thirst but also dungeon creatures and more. You need to be patient and work hard to survive and explore the dark world. Do not miss any items along the way to upgrade your hero, thereby extending your survival time.

The Wild Darkness – Survive in a dark forest!

In a mysterious forest, The Wild Darkness a witch is casting spells in the dark and causing a streak of light to fall from the sky. Unfortunately, you are hit by the light, then wake up in the middle of a strange forest. You are not prepared for this, but now, think about how to survive instead of finding out what happened. That’s what begins your survival journey. You need to make sure the character survives as long as possible here. If you fail, you will start all over again. Because of this, decide carefully and wisely. While you’ll gain more experience the next time around, you’ll lose your time building everything from scratch.


Mining and construction are the foundation

To survive, first of all, you need to make sure that hunger and thirst are solved. You will need to move around the environment in search of food. After filling your stomach, you need to exploit resources to serve crafting and building. The resources you can find are usually wood, earth, stone, metal, and item chests. They are used to make swords, hammers, knives, shields, and some other tools, helping you to better exploit and fight to protect your life from the threats around you. Besides, you need to build a safe shelter to resist the cold and attack unexpected enemies. Building and crafting will follow you throughout your journey but with progress and upgrades.

Later on, The Wild Darkness you will need a better shelter, better weapons and tools, and more resources to use to upgrade things. In particular, you need to learn how to make fire because this is your life source. You need fire to cook your food, light up dark dungeons, and keep your body warm. Besides, make thick armor and clothes to survive in the cold environment. Over time, the resources in your area will dwindle, and you need to find new areas. Along the way, don’t miss anything that can be interacted with. You can find many useful things to put in your backpack.


Fight and explore dungeons

A survival game like The Wild Darkness cannot lack the fighting element. You need to do this to protect your body from strange monsters that appear at night. Besides, you will also encounter similar things along the way as you explore new areas. In particular, when you go to the ancient dungeons, you will have to encounter the guardians of the loot. To fight, you need to carry weapons with you. Combine your sword or blade and shield to defeat your enemies, thereby expanding your journey and receiving great rewards. If you let your guard down, you can start over after just one enemy attack.

Besides, valuable new resources will attract you to the non-stop adventure. You will travel to many places, from dark dungeons to deep waters, mysterious labyrinths, and more. A vast and mysterious forest always has something to attract the curiosity of every player. The deeper into the forest, the rarer and more abundant the resources, but the greater the danger. Many mysteries are also revealed as you adventure. Therefore, the journey of survival becomes much more interesting.


Fun and detailed chibi design

Everything in the game is designed in an animated style and displayed visually from a top-down perspective. This perspective helps you clearly see everything in the environment and each character’s movements. Your hero is designed in chibi style, both fun and cool. Moreover, The Wild Darkness world changes dynamically with your every move, thereby opening up many new and interesting things. The game’s color scheme is also creative with alternating dark patches, creating a feeling of horror and mystery.


MOD APK feature implemented of The Wild Darkness

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited stars, gems
  • Unlimited resources
  • free craft
  • god mode

The Wild Darkness will not disappoint you with the aforementioned impressive points. You won’t want to miss it, as this is where you can experience the thrill of survival that is both relaxing and fascinating. Get ready to play as a hero and do everything to survive. There are dozens of challenges that will hinder you in your long-term survival journey.

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