The Vikings 1.1.7 MOD Lots of Money APK
The Vikings MOD APK 1.1.7

The Vikings 1.1.7 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name The Vikings
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher BYV
Size 46MB
Latest Version 1.1.7
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Become a Viking in the game The Vikings. Follow the action gameplay combining role-playing elements. You will have to participate in battles against attacks from enemies. No other team or alliance support. Can only fight alone and against all the dangerous enemies. The goal is to survive and kill as many enemies as possible. Thereby proving achievements based on achievements, through statistical indicators from the system. This game is in the action category, and it also has an abstract element. Along with that is a combination of stickman-style graphics. Expressed through the shape of the character and the enemy. It will definitely bring you an enjoyable experience.

Introduce about The Vikings – With Vikings Throw Ax To Destroy The Enemy!

The gameplay mechanism during the battle is very simple. But requires high accuracy to be able to destroy the enemy. Accordingly, you just need to touch, drag and adjust the angle to throw the ax toward the enemy. However, two factors need to be kept in mind when performing an attack. When pulling backward, you can adjust both strong or light throwing force, depending on your pulling force. At the same time, adjust the angle of fire to be correct, causing the ax to be thrown to the enemy’s position. Only then can it be destroyed to reduce the danger? As well as increase kills to achieve excellent results.The Vikings MOD

The gameplay takes place

The course of the battle against the stickman enemies. You will stand on a support bar in the air. Fixed in one location and can throw an ax unlimited number. Besides, enemies appear randomly in many different locations. Can be at a distance or near and overhead. They are equipped with bows and arrows to attack from a distance, making it difficult for you. But there is no other choice but to fight. Because only by destroying the enemy can you survive. Especially need to quickly defeat them as soon as they appear. Because if you leave it for a long time, you will easily lose your life.Game The Vikings MOD

Fight various enemies

Take on a mission to fight with the Vikings in the game The Vikings. Will face a lot of different stickman enemies. The difference between them is shown in the weapons and equipment used. For example, enemies using bows and arrows will attack from a distance. Enemies holding sticks or axes will rush to approach to deal direct damage. Besides, their endurance is also shown through defensive equipment. For enemies equipped with shields and helmets will have better stamina. Make you have to break the defense to destroy. From there, there is a chance to increase the kill score.Tai The Vikings MOD

Challenges increase over time

As the battle goes on, the difficulty will increase. Then have to fight many stickman enemies equipped with additional defenses. At the same time have the ability to attack more accurately and quickly. The number of enemies appearing more and more. Make you have to keep fighting to have a chance to survive. Furthermore, there are additional obstacles. They can create a wall that makes it difficult to throw the ax directly in the normal way. But that will be an advantage if you have the correct skill because it also makes it difficult for the enemy to attack.

Equip defensive shields and helmets

To increase survivability against attacks from enemies. In addition to the ax throwing skill that needs to be improved to increase accuracy. Also, have to equip more defensive shields and helmets to increase the survival rate higher. Because shields and helmets will save your life in case of being hit by an enemy or a direct attack. Thereby increasing the chance of survival to be able to continue fighting. But it should be noted about the two types of defensive equipment can only withstand a limit. After the shield is destroyed and the helmet is broken, it is very easy to lose a life if the enemy hits it.Introduce about The Vikings MOD

The Vikings game also offers competitive PvP mode. Follow the 1vs1 survival gameplay that takes place between you and other Vikings opponents. Two people will stand on two towers to fight. Through the action of throwing axes with the goal of defeating the opponent. The match will last until one of the players loses his life first, the other will win. Accordingly, if you want to become the strongest Vikings. You need to show your skills by throwing the ax accurately at the opponent. Quickly beat to end the match with excellent achievements.

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