The Hidden Treasures 1.27.2402 MOD Unlimited Gems APK
The Hidden Treasures MOD APK 1.27.2402

The Hidden Treasures 1.27.2402 MOD Unlimited Gems APK

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Name The Hidden Treasures
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherG5 Entertainment
Latest Version1.27.2402
MOD Unlimited Gems
Price FREE

Become the brave Captain Aimee and explore with your crew the mysteries hidden deep in the sunny and windy Caribbean! Use your elite hidden object skills and challenging match-3 puzzles to unlock huge treasures. Conquer tough challenges, collect valuable resources and explore amazing islands. Immerse yourself in a vivid 3D world with beautiful graphics, realistically recreating the majestic landscape of the Caribbean Sea. Join Aimee in decoding ancient secrets and uncovering the thrilling mysteries that await you!

The Hidden Treasures promises to bring you a fun and exciting adventure:

  • Unique combination gameplay: Hidden object searches and match-3 puzzles provide a diverse and engaging experience.
  • Thrilling plot: Uncover the mystery with Captain Aimee and her crew.
  • Vivid 3D world: Enjoy beautiful images and vivid sound, immersing you in the sunny and windy Caribbean world.
  • A series of challenges: Conquer tough challenges to prove your bravery.
  • Huge treasure: Collect valuable resources and search for hidden treasures on the islands.

The Hidden Treasures – Explore the Caribbean with Aimee

Join the adventure with Captain Aimee, Virgil the bird and the crew of their ship!

Journey to mysterious islands in the Caribbean:

  • Search for treasure and collect valuable items
  • Decode the mystery of Aimee’s past
  • Discover hidden secrets on the island through scavenger hunt activities
  • Solve thrilling match-3 puzzles
  • Reveal the truth about Aimee’s family

Conquer challenges and complete your mission on an adventurous journey!

The Hidden Treasures promises to bring you the following experiences:

  • The plot is attractive and engaging
  • Beautiful images, lively music
  • Diverse gameplay, intellectual challenge
  • Suitable for all ages

Tai The Hidden Treasures

Mysterious Treasure – Journey with Captain Aimee

Hundreds of challenging levels:

  • Get lost on an adventurous journey with Captain Aimee, exploring the mysterious Caribbean Sea.
  • Conquer hundreds of levels with diverse gameplay: match-3 puzzles, search for hidden objects and solve mysteries.
  • Each level offers a unique challenge, training your intelligence and observation abilities.

Decode the mystery, receive attractive rewards:

  • Complete missions successfully to unlock treasure chests, collect precious gold coins, experience and diamonds.
  • Upgrade your powers, expand your adventure and explore new lands.
  • Use gold coins to buy support items and diamonds to make special transactions.

Diverse experiences, constantly creative:

  • Combining two gameplay styles: match-3 puzzle and hidden object search, providing a new and challenging experience.
  • Updated regularly with new content: levels, missions, events… ensuring you are always excited to explore.
  • Join a vibrant community of players, share experiences and bond with other adventurers.

The Hidden Treasures

The Hidden Treasures – Raise the Level of Difficulty and Challenge

Uncover mysteries and treasures in The Hidden Treasures, where the difficulty increases with each level. Get ready for tough challenges and rewarding rewards!

The increase in difficulty is reflected in many factors, including:

  • Conditions: The requirements to complete the task become more complex, requiring sharp attention and logical thinking.
  • Implementation process: The steps to solve puzzles and collect items become more diverse and require more operations.
  • Number of items: The number of items to collect in a mission can increase, forcing you to calculate and strategize properly.
  • Limit moves: In match-3 levels, the number of moves can be limited, forcing you to make quick and accurate decisions.

However, don’t worry! Along with increasing difficulty, the rewards for you are also more and more valuable. Conquer these challenges to receive valuable treasures and unlock fascinating mysteries on your journey of discovery.

The Hidden Treasures

Search for Treasure on the Island

Uncover hidden mysteries in a challenging adventure!


  • Search for hidden objects depicted by letters or symbols in a vivid painting that simulates an area on the island.
  • Complete the task in 3 minutes.
  • Use magnifying glasses (limited quantity) to search for hidden objects.
  • Solve the mystery and unlock the treasure.

How to play:

  • Observe the picture closely and look for hidden objects according to the description.
  • Click on the object when you find it.
  • Use the magnifying glass when you get stuck (click the magnifying glass icon).
  • Complete the mission before time runs out.
  • Unlock the next area and continue the adventure.

Game The Hidden Treasures

Match-3 puzzle in The Hidden Treasures – Discover treasure with your wits

The Hidden Treasures offers exciting match-3 challenges where you will combine red diamonds, potions, bottles and starfish to complete the goal of collecting required items. The gameplay is simple but engaging, just connect at least 3 tiles of the same type to score points and advance to the next level.


  • Classic match-3 gameplay: Pair items of the same type to form chains and score points.
  • Diverse goals: Each level will require collecting different items, creating new challenges and constantly increasing difficulty.
  • Eye-catching graphics: Beautiful interface design, vivid images bring a great entertainment experience.
  • Fun sound effects: Vivid sound contributes to increasing excitement for players.
  • Easy to access: Simple game rules, suitable for all ages.

The Hidden Treasures MOD APK Features

MOD Menu:

  • Unlimited Diamonds: Enjoy the full game experience without worrying about running out of diamonds. Use diamonds to purchase items, upgrade tools, and unlock new features.
  • Free Shopping: Shop for anything you want in the game store without spending any money. Unlock unique items, beautiful outfits, and powerful tools to aid you in your journey to discover treasure.
  • Unlock All Levels: Explore every corner of The Hidden Treasures world without having to complete difficult quests or challenges. Save time and enjoy the full gaming experience right from the start.
  • Immortality: Fight against enemies without fear of death. Focus on discovering treasures and solving mysteries without worrying about failure.
  • Speed ​​Boost: Increase movement speed and complete missions faster. Save time and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

With these features, you will be able to explore the world of The Hidden Treasures Mod APK 1.27.2402 in an easier and more enjoyable way. Enjoy the full game experience and discover the mysterious treasures that are waiting for you!

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