The Grand Mafia 1.2.251 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, all unlocked, free shopping APK
The Grand Mafia MOD APK 1.2.251

The Grand Mafia 1.2.251 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, all unlocked, free shopping APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Name The Grand Mafia
Requires Android 4.4
Size 128MB
Latest Version 1.2.251
MOD Menu, Unlimited money, all unlocked, free shopping
Category Strategy
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Price FREE

Come to The Grand Mafia and join the mysterious underworld. This is an engaging strategy role-playing game with a plot revolving around gangsters and purge wars. Join the game, you will become a part of this war. Your mission is to build a new gang to rule the underworld. Furthermore, you need to make wise decisions to consolidate power, politically and economically. To get this, you cannot avoid wars with other forces. Send the most powerful members from thieves to hired soldiers and real mafia to defeat all enemies.

The Grand Mafia – Become the new boss of the underworld!

If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Godfather”, you can probably imagine the underworld in America. The Grand Mafia is a game that builds on the inspiration from this movie, and of course, a lot of things have been customized. The game context takes place after the death of the Godfather and the notorious mafia family lacks a talented leader. You are one of the children of the family and are responsible for this. Now you will be the next generation of the new mafia era. Find ways to strengthen the family mafia and follow in the footsteps of the Godfather.


Build your mafia empire

The story of the game is clearly shown in the campaign mode. This model includes many different chapters. In each chapter, you will find a series of fascinating quests. These missions will help you access the underworld from basic to advanced. You’ll start by getting to know a few mafia family members, then learn how to work with them to strengthen your mafia influence. You can join them in wars with other gangs, attack businesses, take businesses, and much more.

The mafia world is not only about purge wars between gangs. It is also a strategic calculation in the political and economic spheres. To become a tycoon with a powerful force, you need to find ways to acquire service businesses such as casinos, betting, bars, and more. Besides, you can also build new buildings yourself to speed up profits. When there is more money in hand, the position will improve. And you will make many other gangs submit to your hands.


Recruit and upgrade gangsters

To form a mafia gang, you need to recruit real thugs. The Grand Mafia brings different classes of thugs from Bruiser, Hitmen, and Biker to Mortar Car and more. Each character class will have its own attribute stats. Your job is to recruit the most powerful characters into the gang. Besides, you should learn the skills, stats, and upgrade strategies for the characters. You need them for the fiercest purge wars.

Each character in the game has its own advantages. There are gangsters who will be more offensive, while others have a good defense. You need to combine them in the most reasonable way to create an effective battle formation. Moreover, your enemies and other forces will get stronger and stronger as the level progresses. Get creative and personalize your gangster squad if you want to keep the edge on the battlefield. Besides real gangsters, you also need wise consultants to manage businesses.


Compete with friends online

You will not be alone in the underworld. Instead, you always have battles with many players from all over the world. They are also real mafia bosses with huge empires. You need to defeat them in wars to take their territory. Or you can join the Faction with your friends to form a mafia alliance. Alliance members can share resources with each other to grow together. Play your way and strive to be the next Godfather.


Detailed and realistic 2D design

The game experience interface is intuitively displayed on the phone’s vertical screen. Everything on the screen is depicted in detail with a 2D design. The details from the image of characters, buildings, streets… are quite vivid. The parameters and data in the game are also very intuitive. Thanks to that, you can easily explore all the content in this game. Clicks on the screen will be accompanied by animated effects and sounds. It is this that will give you a real sense of control.

So is the underworld your favorite topic? The Grand Mafia will be the ideal place for you to explore this topic. You will become the new tycoon of the underworld in a turbulent time. It is your wisdom, bravery, and strategy that will reset the mafia empire. Let’s build a strong mafia team and establish potential businesses. That’s the basis to strengthen your tycoon status!

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