The Cook 1.2.22 MOD Lots of Money APK
The Cook MOD APK 1.2.22

The Cook 1.2.22 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 day ago)
Name The Cook
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher SayGames
Size 113MB
Latest Version 1.2.22
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Casual
Price FREE

If you have a passion to become a chef, come to The Cook and make your dream come true. This game is a cartoon-style cooking simulator, extremely fun and close to every player. Imagine you have your own food truck. Now you have to work hard to develop it and make as much profit as you can. Your job is to create food and serve customers. Furthermore, shop for the necessary ingredients and tools to promote the progress and variety of the menu. You can attract more customers to make more money. And you can go to many parts of the world to promote the dish to every hungry resident. Get ready to be the most talented chef here.

Introduce about The Cook – Enjoy the food craze around the world!

The Cook is a simple and idle cooking game, but its appeal is not small at all. It is designed with friendly and lovely cartoon images and the background music is always vibrant and cheerful. Thanks to that, the game will help you relax during this idle cooking process. No need to do anything complicated, just touch and swipe on the screen to make hundreds of the best recipes. You also don’t have to push yourself too hard with the speed, customers here like to wait a little longer. In the store, you can also find dozens of unique ingredients and kitchenware. Upgrade your food truck and make it the hottest place to eat in the recent cooking craze.


Cooking and serving customers

At the beginning of the game, you only have a few basic dishes to prepare and cook. Moreover, you also don’t have too many customers waiting, relax with cooking operations and get used to the chef’s work. For example, with a simple salad, you only need to take ingredients that are vegetables. Next, chop them on a cutting board with a knife and put them on a plate to mix with unique spices. And finally, you complete your salad by decorating it and serving it to customers. If they love your food, they’ll pay for their satisfaction. These operations are the same when you cook other dishes. But the level of the cooking process will get more and more complicated as you level up.

Over time, you can unlock many new recipes, such as cakes, roast beef, french fries, juices, pasta, and more. You will have to learn how to cook them through detailed on-screen instructions. The cooking process will include several stages. You just have to follow the instructions to complete each stage and unlock new stages. From choosing ingredients to processing and cooking is not too difficult. Whether you’re a novice chef or an expert, it only takes a few minutes to cook. However, you need to satisfy the needs of your customers to please them and keep them coming back.


Expand your cooking empire

Do you want to build a food empire? If yes, don’t stop at any level in The Cook but expand it to infinity. You start with a small food truck but can turn it into a restaurant and spread all over the world. To achieve this, you must have a reasonable upgrade and expansion strategy. You will have to spend money effectively to invest in purchasing equipment and tools and unlock new ingredients and recipes. You will need a new countertop in the kitchen, or appliances such as pots, pans, boilers, ovens, and more. More expensive utensils will help speed up your cooking.

When you reach a certain level, you can also open more restaurants. You will bring your brand of delicacies everywhere and promote the typical cuisine of each country. A series of new recipes are unlocked, giving you a fresh and inspiring cooking experience. Not only familiar dishes, but you will also cook dishes you have never heard of before. You will create a new cooking craze in the world and become the richest chef, isn’t it great?


Fun and colorful cartoon design

The game is designed on the basis of 2D graphics with cartoon style, bringing friendly and close images. Besides, the game scene is always bright and colorful. The tools and ingredients are described quite realistically, creating a cooking feeling that is no different from reality. In addition, with a first-person perspective, you will feel like you are mastering all the operations in the cooking process. Soft music also helps you relax while you cook.


So, will The Cook satisfy you? Come and enjoy the passion of cooking right on the vertical screen of your phone. You just need to swipe and touch it to cook according to the available instructions, it’s really simple to reach. Plus, with hundreds of ingredients and recipes to try, don’t hesitate.

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