Taxi Game 2 2.5 MOD Lots of Money APK
Taxi Game 2 MOD APK 2.5

Taxi Game 2 2.5 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Taxi Game 2
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher baklabs
Size 42MB
Latest Version 2.5
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Have you ever thought of becoming a taxi driver? Taxi Game 2 is a completely new simulation game that helps you experience the work like a real driver. It gives you a series of missions in career mode where you have to complete shuttle trips to get coins and level up. You will have to overcome dozens of challenges along the way, from people to vehicles and real traffic rules. Show your driving talent to conquer all challenges and delight your customers. You will progress more and more to become the most famous taxi driver in the city. 3D open world with many areas waiting for you to explore.

Download Taxi Game 2 MOD APK – The most realistic taxi driving simulator

This is the second part of the most addictive taxi simulator game on phones. It has attracted millions of players around the globe with many new and premium features. You will join the game as a novice driver. You have spent your meager capital to buy a taxi. And now, you need to drive wisely to complete the customer shuttle missions. You will gradually upgrade your level to become a professional driver and even set up your own taxi company. Make as much money as you can from driving, what do you think? Driving missions are not as easy as you think, especially in a realistic simulation world with crowded traffic and dynamic weather changes.


Work like a real taxi driver

Start opening career mode, you will find hundreds of quests there. In each mission, you need to drive to the pick-up point, safely deliver the guest to the requested place and receive the money. The driving process is just that, but you will encounter many challenges along the way. You need to obey traffic rules such as stopping at red lights, not colliding with other vehicles, not speeding, and not encroaching on the pedestrian lane. Meanwhile, you need to get the guests to the right place and on time. If you slow down their ride, you won’t get the money you deserve. Besides, if you have an accident, the mission is considered a failure.

On a long journey, you need to pay attention to refueling the vehicle. There are many gas stations along the way and you just have to go there to refuel automatically. In addition, you also have to deal with erratic weather problems. It’s easy to drive in cool and sunny weather, but you’ll have a hard time driving in the rain. Take control of your steering wheel and try to control your vision to avoid pedestrians and other cars. Sometimes some crazy cars will give you problems. If you are an experienced driver, you can completely pass them. As your level is higher, you will receive more customers, including VIP customers. They will pay you more money to freely unlock unique cars.


Intuitive and optimized driving mechanics

Compared to many other driving simulation games, Taxi Game 2 owns a more detailed and optimized control interface. Specifically, it includes a steering wheel (or two arrows APK in the left corner of the screen for you to navigate the car. At the same time, there are virtual buttons on the right side of the screen such as the gas pedal, handbrake, foot brake, and door opening. You can also see a virtual GPS built-in map in the center of the screen. The amount you get by mileage is also displayed visually. So things are pretty simple for you to approach in an optional first or third-person perspective. Each angle gives you a different driving experience.

Unlock new locations and vehicles

The game has many models of taxis from famous brands like Mercedes or Ferrari and more. Each car is designed with a unique appearance and unique stats. You can unlock the car by spending money at the shop. Besides, as you level up, you can access many new places on the map. You will drive through busy downtown streets, quiet and peaceful suburbs, or fuel stations and auto repair shops.


Realistic and premium 3D design

The game is designed on high-end 3D graphics, providing realistic images and smooth motion. You will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful taxi models and detailed, vivid virtual world scenes. The buildings, tall buildings, streets, vehicles, and weather conditions are all very realistic. Every movement is also very smooth, providing a comfortable and realistic driving experience.

Taxi Game 2 will make you fall in love with the more realistic driving simulator than ever before. You will have a chance to explore hundreds of different driving missions as a taxi driver. Show your talent to earn a lot of money, thereby unlocking your favorite cars and accessing many places in the vast virtual city. A series of challenges from vehicles to weather will challenge you like driving in real life.

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