Taps to Riches 2.99 MOD Lots of Money APK
Taps to Riches MOD APK 2.99

Taps to Riches 2.99 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 hours ago)
Name Taps to Riches
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Game Circus LLC
Size 98MB
Latest Version 2.99
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Taps to Riches is an idle simulation game with addictive gameplay mechanics. There, you can build your own city just by touching the screen. You will unlock restaurants, eateries, bars, malls, sports halls, and more. Then just click to generate money and upgrade buildings. Over time, your city will become a bustling metropolis. It will attract residents and help you earn even more money. From a small city to a huge economic empire, nothing is impossible. But if you’re too busy to manage it all, hire talented mentors. They will help you run your businesses and earn money automatically. At that time, just sit and watch the money added to the account. Simple but fun and relaxing, what could be better?

Introduce about Taps to Riches – Build a city in the simplest way!

Becoming a tycoon and owning a rich city can be a pipe dream. But Taps to Riches will make it real. This game simulates city-building gameplay with click mechanics. You start from a role as a criminal just released from prison with a strong desire to get rich. You own a small piece of land in the city and a small amount of capital. It is the foundation to build the whole city of your dreams and make hundreds of dollars a day. But it’s a long journey, requiring your hard work. Although playing without thinking, at the very least, you need to have a smart strategy. Consider unlocking unique and potential constructions to get rich as quickly as possible. You don’t have to wait too long to become rich and own a huge fortune.


Click to build and upgrade

With a small initial capital, you need to choose a few potential business models to go up. Accordingly, you have many options, from restaurants, eateries, cafes, hair salons, supermarkets, karaoke bars, pet salons, malls, bars, and more. Consider the residential conditions in your area to find the best business model. It can attract crowds of people to come and pay for your services. But you need to click on each building for it to operate and generate money. Over time, you will have more capital to think about bigger projects.

You also need to upgrade your buildings to make them more advanced. With a higher level, a property can automatically run and generate more money for you. Furthermore, after each upgrade, that facility will be improved in appearance. It looks more massive, thereby highlighting the beauty of the city. However, when there are too many establishments springing up, you need to know how to optimize costs and profits to be effective. Consider upgrading preferred properties or opt for an even upgrade. Which strategy do you prefer? Show your personality in business and develop this city.


Hire advisors, expand your empire

Over time, Taps to Riches gives you access to many new types of businesses. At that time, you will unlock more businesses to form a rich source of money. However, you cannot manage them all at once. That’s why you need to hire a consultant to do less work. They can be a cat, a doctor, a businessman, a billionaire, or even a girl learning martial arts… Their appearance will make you happy. But at the same time, they are talent managers who can help you generate a lot of profit.

Besides, think about further expanding your city. You can use the money to unlock new areas, merge them into the city and make them part of your plan to get rich. More business types will help you diversify your income streams. Moreover, more services will make your residents happier. And they will like to spend money on food services, rest, entertainment…


Simple design but colorful

The criterion of this game is simple and close to reaching a wide range of players. Therefore, it is not only simple in gameplay but also in graphics. The business premises are designed in detail and in many colors. They are visually displayed on the screen for you to click and generate money. After upgrading, the appearance of buildings will change, creating a new feeling. Music is always cheerful and clear, helping you relax and relieve all stress.

All in all, if you like idle games, Taps to Riches is the best choice at the moment. Don’t hesitate to download the game and start building your city. Turn a small estate into a city and empire of food, entertainment, art, and more. Are you ready?

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