Tap Wizard 2 7.3.3 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, no teapot, God mode, OneHit, Auto Kill, ESP APK
Tap Wizard 2 MOD APK 7.3.3

Tap Wizard 2 7.3.3 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, no teapot, God mode, OneHit, Auto Kill, ESP APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Tap Wizard 2
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher TopCog
Size 100MB
Latest Version 7.3.3
MOD Menu, Unlimited money, no teapot, God mode, OneHit, Auto Kill, ESP
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Tap Wizard 2 takes you on a new journey with a powerful magician in a dark fantasy world. The magician is resurrected once again to fulfill a noble mission, which is to destroy the enemy and protect the world with their magic. This game will make you excited with fascinating battles in idle mechanics. Just click on the screen to control your mage and destroy everything from witches to sword knights and bosses. The battle between good and evil leads you through many different lands and infinite upgrades. But show your wisdom in every step to survive as long as possible and go further. The dark fantasy world is filled with unrevealed mysteries. Your magic will illuminate the journey to discover it all here.

Introduce about Tap Wizard 2 – Wizard’s idle battle journey!

In the first part, your mage took his last breath and all hope seemed to be gone. But now, the Chronosphere has reminded time and revived the mage again with an upgraded power compared to before. This wizard is ready for a new journey with a mission to protect the world from the evil faction from the dark. This journey stretches through many levels with increasingly fierce challenges. But with the idle role-playing mechanism, it’s not too difficult for you to approach it in the first place. Use your magic against enemies and adventure, explore every land. Do not hesitate to upgrade the wizard and find new powers and weapons. Large-scale battles will give you a sense of thrill. It’s like being in a survival game.


Play as a mage and conquer the battles

Entering a wizarding world full of magic and danger, you play as a magician and get ready for uncompromising battles. Your enemies in each level are not just one but dozens with all kinds of skills and different appearances. So to win, you need to learn to master your magic skills. You must master magic moves from fire, ice, lightning, and poison to gain the advantage. Besides, you need to move wisely to both attack and defend. Each fight only ends when you fall or all enemies are destroyed.

But a new journey will open soon with an upgraded difficulty. You don’t seem to have time to rest and have to constantly upgrade from time to time. But the simple gameplay mechanics will not tire you in the long journey. Just touch the screen to control the mage to move on the battlefield. At the same time, skills and support items are displayed visually in the toolbar. You just need to choose the skills and items you want to deploy the attack. The important thing is what to choose and when to choose to maximize efficiency. That’s what you need to decide.


Hero upgrade, map expansion

The battles in Tap Wizard 2 require constant progress. Enemies will become more numerous and stronger, so upgrading helps you balance your advantage on the battlefield. Awaken your mage with new skills to crush your enemies. Moreover, use unique types of Runes to upgrade levels or skill points in the Memory Tree. Don’t hesitate to unlock magic books, magic wands, and other useful tools. Everything you have is displayed in the tool panel, making it easy to select and use right away.

With the upgrade, you can go further in your journey to save the world from darkness. Through it, you will travel through different areas from jungle to desert, dungeon, snowy land, and more. Where there are enemies, there are magicians and epic battles between the two sides of good and evil. It makes for a complete story with seemingly endless extensibility. If you want to enrich your story, go for it. New power thresholds, new locations, and mysteries will constantly be revealed.


Vivid vintage pixel design

Besides the idle gameplay, this game is also designed with simple graphics. It is reminiscent of classic experiences thanks to its low-quality pixel design. But everything on the screen came alive. In particular, the combat effects are very eye-catching, making you unable to take your eyes off. The battlefield context changes through the levels, the enemy system is equally diverse. Background music and sound in each movement also contribute to the excitement of the long journey.

MOD APK feature implemented of Tap Wizard 2

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • unlimited coins
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited gems
  • no teapot
  • God mode, OneHit
  • Auto Kill, ESP

Join now in Tap Wizard 2 and discover the great journey of a classic magician. You will have the opportunity to play the role of a wizard and enjoy magical moves that cannot be better. Epic battles will keep you excited to explore with vivid effects and epic scale. Are you ready to be a part of them?

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