Tank Robot 4.2 MOD God Mode, Dumb Enemy APK
Tank Robot MOD APK 4.2

Tank Robot 4.2 MOD God Mode, Dumb Enemy APK

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Name Tank Robot
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Back Street Studios
Download 27
Size 80MB
Latest Version 4.2
MOD God Mode, Dumb Enemy
Category Action
Price FREE

Tank Robot action game is inspired by the transforming robot theme. Revolving around the war between robot heroes and transforming robots. Fierce competition in a simulation world. Set in a large city model. With a series of activities taking place, and many different missions. Combining level-based gameplay, specific quests are required. Promising to open extremely attractive robot battles. Besides, to create an enjoyable experience for all players to join. Publisher Back Street Studios offers unique features. Allows the robot to transform into many shapes. The game modes have their own rules, which must be followed. There is a chance to unlock to be role-playing into many different robots. Along with an attractive reward system after completing the task.

Tank Robot – Fight Against Robots To Clean Up The City!

To bring the most attractive robot wars when joining the game. Tank Robot has been provided with 4 different modes. Help you enjoy the matches in many ways. At the same time, it is necessary to comply with the required regulations. Includes career mode, bus racing, jet battle, and flying car battle. No matter which model you enter, you have to fight. Mission to destroy all robots to clean the city. For example, the career mode opens matches according to each level. Bus racing mode will take place in a thrilling competitive race. In particular, you can test your skills in the flying car and jet battle. Compete with enemy robots to find the last surviving robot. After completing the mission will have the opportunity to receive valuable loot.Tank Robot

Career mode, increasing difficulty

Through the career mode of the game Tank Robot. You will accompany the robot to enter the simulation city. Fight with large numbers of enemy robots. Based on open play, can attack in many different styles. As well as the freedom to move and do any activity at will. Transform into buses, and cars, and use jets to fly into the air. The task in each level is required to achieve a sufficient number of points. By destroying the enemy, take down the robots one by one. Gain enough achievement points to end the battle. From there will receive bonuses and diamonds corresponding to the difficulty of the task. Then can continue robot war to a new level. The number of points that need to be completed will increase. That means the number of robots to destroy is larger than before.Game Tank Robot

Various enemy cyborgs, skills

The process of fighting against enemies in the simulation city of Tank Robot. You will face many different enemies. In addition, the robots are equipped with advanced weapons. Use the guns to attack from long distances. It also has to resist powerful armed means. Those are tanks, helicopters, and cars. They are all transformed from robots. But each form of transformation has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to learn thoroughly to achieve high efficiency. To clear the city, destroy all enemies. Need to further combine your fighting skills. Observe to detect the location of the robots in multiple locations. Accurate attack to quickly shoot down. From there it is possible to end the battle with excellent achievement.Tai Tank Robot

Unlock new robots

Complete each mission of Tank Robot in turn. Simultaneously experience the wars in many different modes. You can unlock new robots. Each type of robot possesses a unique appearance style. Combat ability is shown through equipment. Can transform into many shapes. However, to be role-playing as your favorite robot. You need to use coins to unlock. Through accumulating bonuses in battles. When collected enough money can be used to unlock. The color of the appearance can then be changed. With 4 main colors, including blue, green, orange, and red. Besides, you need to note the amount to unlock the robot. Each type of robot has its own abilities, as well as many differences. So the amount to unlock is not the same.Tank Robot

It is very important to learn about each transformation of the robot. Because in the battles of Tank Robot there are many types of enemies. You need to change the fit for each shape for better effect. From there, it is possible to exploit the full power of the robot. For example, fighting robots in a small range. Robot form will help you attack flexibly. But facing enemies who possess the ability to attack large areas. It is necessary to transform into a vehicle for long-range attacks. Or use the jet system to soar into the air. Fight with planes equipped with advanced firepower.

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