Tank Battles 2D 1.0.7 MOD Menu VIP, 1Hit, Godmode, Money APK
Tank Battles 2D MOD APK 1.0.7

Tank Battles 2D 1.0.7 MOD Menu VIP, 1Hit, Godmode, Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Tank Battles 2D
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Netsgame Studio
Size 60MB
Latest Version 1.0.7
MOD Menu, One Hit, Godmode, Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Are you looking for a survival tank shooting game? Tank Battles 2D is a place that you should not miss. This game will give you epic tank battles on a 2D screen. In it, you get to control your tank and fight dozens of other opponents. It could be the top online players on the leaderboards or giant tank bosses. Be prepared for every fight from simple to crazy. Furthermore, there are hundreds of unique items to unlock and upgrade. Don’t miss a thing to improve your tank.

Download Tank Battles 2D MOD APK – Multiplayer tank survival style

Tank Battles 2D is a new project from the publisher Netsgame Studio. With a thorough investment from gameplay to images, this game promises to explode in the near future. In terms of gameplay, you will enjoy the extremely hot online tank survival style here. It offers fast-paced real-time battles and epic scale. Besides, in terms of visual style, the game is built on 2D graphics. But everything comes to life with a series of eye-catching combat effects.


Take part in battles in multiple modes

Currently, this game has 3 main modes, including Campaign, Survival, and Arena. As usual, the Campaign is a collection of many levels of missions from easy to difficult. This is a place for everyone from amateur to professional. In level missions, your opponents are AI tanks. In some special levels, you may face giant AI bosses. Meanwhile, in the Survival and Arena modes, gamers will have the opportunity to compete with online players. Your achievements will affect your ranking.

Either way, you always need two things to gain an advantage: skill and strategy. In terms of skills, you must learn to master maneuvers such as navigating, aiming, and shooting. Navigation becomes very important on multiplayer maps. Not only do you move skillfully to dodge attacks, but you also have to approach the target properly. Besides, the ability to aim will determine the effectiveness of your attack. Of course, you have to combine all the moves and have a little trick to win.


Unlock and upgrade tanks

In the store Tank Battles 2D, you will find many unique things. First of all, there are new tank models with cool looks and great power. Each tank will have a different price depending on its rarity. Moreover, you need to reach the required level if you want to unlock genuine tank models. Each tank also has its own attributes like damage, speed, defense, HP, and more. You can upgrade tanks to improve these attribute stats.

To upgrade, you need to unlock new weapons and equipment. The game offers a great range of weapons from shotguns to machine guns, flamethrowers, stun guns, Ricochets, laser guns, etc. Each weapon has a different attack effect. Not only have weapons, but you can also unlock new armor for tanks. Over time, weapons and equipment are both upgraded to improve damage, resistance, and speed. Thereby, you will have the opportunity to gain an advantage on the multiplayer tank battlefield.


Explore many fascinating maps

The game will give you many unique battle locations. In it, there must be hot desert battlefields, mysterious jungles, or snowy lands all year round. Every certain number of levels in the campaign mode, you will have a chance to see the new battlefield. Each battlefield is designed with theme colors and has a different terrain type. The layout of obstacles, slopes, and more is different between maps. Therefore, you should have a new strategy when entering a new map.


Exciting battle sounds and effects

You can feel the fierceness of the tank battlefield on your phone screen. That’s thanks to the well-made sound and effects factor. Each tank has a modern design and epic shooting effects. Moreover, every action on the screen leaves a vibrant sound. The battlefield scene with detailed 2D design also contributes to a realistic shooting experience. So the battles here will make you unable to ignore them.

Do not hesitate to download Tank Battles 2D to your phone and enjoy the battles now. Now it’s time to drive your tank into the battlefield and compete against many players. Show your navigation and aiming skills when facing dozens of tanks at once. And you will beat others to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

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