Tag Team Boxing Game 8.7 MOD Unlimited Gold, Unlock Characters, Remove Ads APK
Tag Team Boxing Game MOD APK 8.7

Tag Team Boxing Game 8.7 MOD Unlimited Gold, Unlock Characters, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Tag Team Boxing Game
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Fighting Arena
Size 71MB
Latest Version 8.7
MOD Unlimited Gold, Unlock Characters, Remove Ads
Category Sport
Price FREE

Are you passionate about boxing? If yes, Tag Team Boxing Game is the game for you. This game is built based on the rules of the ring sport and is designed with 3D graphics. It has a lot of interesting modes and a rich character system. So you can play as one of the most powerful boxers in fiery fights. With easy-to-play controls, this game won’t take up too much of your time. Combine powerful punches and kicks to defeat your opponents and win the championship. Also, you can choose your favorite fighters to alternate using them in the match.

Tag Team Boxing Game – Boxing simulator with 3D design!

This game simulates Boxing for phones and can work even when offline. It has up to 5 main modes, including Story e, Knockout, Arcade e, Multiplayer, and Play it. Each mode has its own system of quests and rewards. Among these modes, Story is the one most visited by players. It was an exciting journey that included many rounds of boxing. You will have the opportunity to face the top fighters in the knockout matches. Your goal is to conquer the league tables to advance deeper into the final match. Meanwhile, other modes also revolve around arena battles. But if you choose to play in multiplayer mode, you can alternately use multiple fighters in a match.


Join the dramatic ring matches

In the fight, your goal is to defeat your opponent with boxing maneuvers. The control mechanism of the game is relatively intuitive and accessible. It includes a joystick on the left side of the screen to control the character. Also, there are virtual buttons on the right side of the screen, typically Punch, Left Punch, Right Punch, Hit Combo, and more. In the match, you need to combine these maneuvers smoothly and flexibly. Move wisely to dodge attacks and choose a reasonable attack position. Besides, combine punches, kicks, and combos to deal damage to your opponents. You will win if the opponent falls (HP is at 0 APK.

Hit Combo is a skill that depends on each boxer. While other operations will be the same for every character. In other words, each boxer has certain advantages. So if you want to get the edge, you need to get the most out of your boxer. The most important thing is skill and strategy. The skill is a combination of movement and the use of boxing moves. Strategy is in how you choose your position, when to attack, when to defend, to use your characters, and more. To improve both of these factors, train hard in the gym and participate in many matches to gain experience.


Build your boxing team

Tag Team Boxing Game allows flexible use of boxers in each match. So you should build a perfect boxing team before entering the match. The game offers a unique boxing system, both male and female. Each boxer has its own stats in terms of speed, health, and skill. Therefore, you need to think carefully before unlocking or choosing any boxer to join the squad. A perfect boxing team is a formation of fighters that can be used for many different situations. When the opponent changes people, you also need to make reasonable choices to respond to the opponent.

You can customize your boxer from appearance to fitness. By upgrading the boxer, you will enhance the advantage of the boxing squad. Use your bonuses to improve your character’s stats. With progress, your squad will have a higher chance to enter the arena of top boxers. You will come across many champions here. Together they and you will create the most dramatic and exciting ring fights. The battles will help the boxer increase experience points and bring you bonuses. So go to the arena more.


Realistic and detailed 3D graphics

The game will impress you with its realistic design on 3D graphics. In particular, the image of a boxer is the most elaborated. You will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful body of the top boxers. At the same time, you will witness their powerful and flexible boxing moves in the match. The arena scene is described as real. It consists of a ring area and a grandstand with hundreds of spectators. The sound from the background music and the cheers of the audience contribute to the explosive battles.

Tag Team Boxing Game will not disappoint you with what it brings. This game is a great playground for top boxers. Join it now and build your boxing career. You will fight with dozens of boxers to win the championship. Don’t stop until you reach the top.

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