Sweet Cookies Kingdom 1.12.0 MOD Auto Win APK
Sweet Cookies Kingdom MOD APK 1.12.0

Sweet Cookies Kingdom 1.12.0 MOD Auto Win APK

Written by Hai Nam (6 hours ago)
Name Sweet Cookies Kingdom
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher V2R
Download 5
Size 47MB
Latest Version 1.12.0
MOD Auto win, No ADS
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Coming to Sweet Cookies Kingdom, you will immerse yourself in the sweet kingdom. It’s a world made entirely of sweets and governed by lovable cartoon characters. Join the game, you will have the opportunity to become a part of this world. Your task is to solve familiar match-3 puzzles to unlock many attractive gifts. There are hundreds of puzzle levels that can be played offline. Moreover, you can solve puzzles with just one finger and swipe across the screen. Many new puzzle boards, new characters, and items are constantly being updated. Do you want to conquer and explore all of them? This game is now free to download on your phone.

Sweet Cookies Kingdom – Traditional match-3 puzzle gameplay!

Most gamers are not unfamiliar with this gameplay. But the Sweet Cookies Kingdom brings a breath of fresh air with new images and icons. It is designed in a sweet candy theme – a theme loved by many players. So you will find here a wonderful relaxing puzzle experience. Stepping into each game screen, you will feel like sinking into the candy kingdom. There are hundreds of candies with diverse shapes waiting for you to explore. Just swipes on the screen to decode the candy puzzle boards. But your reward is a series of eye-catching effects on the screen.


Discover the candies on the puzzle board

There are hundreds of different levels that you can explore in this game. The number of levels also increases continuously through its updated versions. At each level, your task is to clear the board, score points and complete certain requirements. To do that, you have to match at least 3 candies of the same color together. They will explode as soon as they are paired, thereby giving you a certain number of points. In principle, only 3 candies are valid. But you should find bigger combos to unlock special candies. They will help you clear the board faster and score more points.

Besides, you need to pay attention to the number of moves. You only have a few moves on each level. If you use up your turn but have not reached the minimum score or have not completed the requirement, you will play again from the beginning. So, big combos will save you the number of moves but bring more efficiency. Your levels will become increasingly difficult as you make more requests but fewer moves. Therefore, you cannot move without a wise plan. Think of ways to match as many candies as you can. A combo of 6 candies will help you a lot.


Support items

To assist you in the many difficult levels of Sweet Cookies Kingdom, the game offers a lot of support items, or the rest are boosters. They can be a pinwheel, hammer, exploding wine barrel, and more. They will help you destroy many candies at the same time or swap positions of any number of candies. You should take advantage of them to create a chance to match big combos. Or sometimes, you will need them to finish the last score when there are only a few moves left. To unlock these boosters, you need to accumulate scores through the levels. So while they are very useful, you should only use them in an emergency situation.


Conquer the leaderboard

Although you play alone on the puzzle boards, you will have interesting competition on the leaderboard. Thousands of other players are taking the quiz with you. Everyone strives to score maximum points and reach the top of the best players. So don’t miss this exciting race. You should try to beat the others and put your name in their place. With a high rank, you will receive attractive rewards, such as boosters or character cards. Moreover, you will prove to everyone your puzzle skills and strategies.


Impressive puzzle effects

With a sweet candy theme, the game will make you fall in love with colorful images. Those are candies of all shapes that you can match on the puzzle board. Besides, at each level, you will be taken to any location in the candy kingdom. You also have the opportunity to meet lovely cartoon characters and listen to their stories. In particular, when you solve puzzles, you will create beautiful effects. Moreover, the background music is always melodious and gentle, contributing to your relaxation.

So if you love match-3 puzzle style, play Sweet Cookies Kingdom. It will take you to the candy kingdom, which is full of candy and funny stories. Its story is described through puzzle levels. And you just need to touch and swipe on the screen to conquer them. So, you will open interesting mysteries to gradually explore this sweet kingdom.

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