Swamp Attack MOD Menu VIP, Immortal, High damage, Unlimited Coins APK
Swamp Attack MOD APK

Swamp Attack MOD Menu VIP, Immortal, High damage, Unlimited Coins APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Swamp Attack
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Size 145MB
Latest Version
MOD Menu, Immortal, High damage, Unlimited Coins
Category Action
Price FREE

Defend your home in the swamp in Swamp Attack. Following the shooting, gameplay is combined with the theme of defense. Accompany the character in the game to perform missions. The goal is to stop dangerous and scary monsters coming from the swamp. To be able to protect the house, as well as survive the attacks from them. You will have no choice but to fight. Only when killing monsters one by one until wiping them all out. Through a variety of weapons systems such as guns and explosives. Successfully prevent them from entering your house. Then will win and complete the assigned task. At the same time, receive attractive rewards with many valuable gifts to accumulate.

Download Swamp Attack MOD APK – Shoot Guns Against Monsters To Defend The House

Get ready for defensive battles to protect your home. Based on simple but dynamic game mechanics. Use a variety of guns to attack oncoming monsters. By touching, they are displayed on the screen with a limited amount of ammunition. Besides, if you want to use explosives in dangerous situations. You can select the explosive, then drag it to the desired location and release it to activate. In general, the game’s control system is designed to be intuitive. You can flexibly switch weapons during the defensive battle. Just touch to select the type of weapon available and click on the screen to perform an attack.Swamp Attack

Quests take place by level

Based on the story of the game revolves around protecting the character’s house in the swamp. You will perform tasks according to each level of the game. Joining in offline mode is completely free. At each level opens an attack of monsters in large numbers. Use the weapon system you own to attack them to destroy them. Perform defensive duties according to a suitable tactic. Shoot down each monster in turn until you wipe them all out of the swamp. Don’t let any of them get past your defenses. From there will successfully stop them to win. Complete the assigned task at the participation level.

The reward received after each battle to protect the house is gold coins. Accordingly, the amount received will correspond to the achievements achieved during the battle. Each achievement achieved at the participation level will receive a different amount of money. Pass each defense level in turn, gradually accumulating large numbers.Game Swamp Attack

Difficulty increases when reaching new levels

Continue the defense mission in the next level of the Swamp Attack game. Will have to fend off attacks from monsters with a greater challenge. They not only increased in number more than before. But there are also new monsters with superior abilities. Shown through stamina and health, making you have to use a lot of firepowers to destroy. For example crazy zombies, aliens, crocodiles, monsters, and many more. Accordingly, each enemy will have its own special attack method. They are even equipped with weapons to take your life to occupy the house.Tai Swamp Attack

Firearms and explosives

Weapon systems are divided into 2 different groups. Includes guns and explosives. Accordingly, it is possible to use guns such as submachine guns, rifles, rotating machine guns, crossbows, flamethrowers, and laser guns. Each type of gun when used will perform attacks in its own way. Shown through firepower, damage dealt, and range. For example, flamethrowers have a superior attack power, but the firing range is not far. In contrast, submachine guns can fire from a distance, but the damage is not high. Besides, there are explosives such as firecrackers, fuel tanks, and kerosene. They can be used as needed to create a massive explosion.Download Swamp Attack

Use weapons to fight monsters in the swamp in Swamp Attack. It should be noted that their number of ammo is limited. After firing to attack the enemy, the ammunition will gradually decrease until it is exhausted. If it is wasted and not taken advantage of the opportunity. Use up the ammunition of the weapons, as well as use up the explosives. Then it will not be possible to prevent the enemy from invading the house. To increase the number of bullets in the guns. It is necessary to use the earned money and upgrade their levels.

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