Survivor In Rainbow Monster 1.4.6 MOD Lots of Money, Gold, Diamonds, No Cooldown APK
Survivor In Rainbow Monster MOD APK 1.4.6

Survivor In Rainbow Monster 1.4.6 MOD Lots of Money, Gold, Diamonds, No Cooldown APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Survivor In Rainbow Monster
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Great Arcade Games
Size 105MB
Latest Version 1.4.6
MOD Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamonds, No Cooldown
Category Action
Price FREE

Survivor In Rainbow Monster is an exciting strategy action game. Join the game, you will have super funny battles with crazy monsters. That fight will last 5 nights with separate missions for each night. Your job is to complete the mission before the time runs out and unlock the new night. Just like that, you will conquer this game if you complete all the nights. You will not be alone in this battle because there are many other people playing with you. Interact and cooperate with them to win and defeat monsters. Your time here will leave you with many unforgettable impressions.

Introduce about Survivor In Rainbow Monster – Survival battle with monsters!

Join Survivor In Rainbow Monster, you will play as a child accidentally kidnapped by monsters while visiting Spooky Park. It’s not just you, there are many other children in the same situation. Now, you and them must find a way to survive when lost in this monster park. At the same time, all must complete special challenges to find their way back home. These are super fun and easy-to-play challenges. But can you complete them? Many surprises will come to your nights in this mysterious park. If you fail, play again and again to discover any surprises.


Complete the quest for each night

Your survival in the monster park officially begins. You have to spend 5 nights here and complete the assigned tasks. Specifically:

Night 1: Your mission is to find the block. After the opening 3 seconds are over, you and the other kids must quickly find the cubes and bring them back to the waiting area.

Night 2: Your mission is to raise monsters. To do this, you need to find the food packs scattered across the map and load the monster machines.

Night 3: The mission is to repair the machines. To fix a machine, you need to move quickly to find the equipment you need.

Night 4: The mission is to light up the room. During this night, the whole scene will be plunged into darkness. Your job is to find batteries to power the lights in the room.

Night 5: Magical Night (coming soon APK.

The time to complete the quest each night is 50 seconds. You will unlock the next night if you complete the previous night. On the contrary, you will witness a real nightmare from the monsters if you fail.


Diverse monster system

Survivor In Rainbow Monster brings 4 types of monsters. They will become your obsession during the night mission. You need to think about how to evade their attack before you get caught and end the game in defeat. So how to avoid them? You need to capture the characteristics of each type of monster, specifically as follows:

Blue Rainbow Monster: This type of monster will move freely around the map and constantly search for you. Do not foolishly hide in a box or hide in a cupboard. He’s smarter than you think. The best way is to run as fast as possible out of his sight.

Purple Rainbow Monster: You will find this monster in the vents. So, if you can’t see his hands or eyes sticking out, you can walk around safely.

Orange Rainbow Monster: This monster is more passive than the others. It only goes out on patrol once per night. Be wary of orange lines appearing on the map to dodge it.

Green Rainbow Monster: Like the blue monster, this monster patrols every night. But you can dodge it by restricting movement and making as little noise as possible.


Discover unique boosters

To gain an advantage in battles, you can take advantage of boosters. The game gives you a lot of unique boosters, such as Boost Speed, More Food, More Block, and Light Up, … You need different types of boosters for each night depending on the task to be completed. To own a booster, you just need to watch a small promotional video. You can ignore them if you are confident in your ability to survive.


Funny pictures, lively sounds

Although it is a survival game with horror elements, this game is still quite friendly and easy to play. That’s thanks to the cartoon-style 2D design. The main characters are boys inspired by the character in the popular game Among Us. Monster images are also simulated from many other horror games. All are meticulously designed, providing a real survival role-playing feeling. Thrilling and vibrant sound factors also play an important role in your experience.

So, are you ready for the craziest survival battle in Survivor In Rainbow Monster ? Many surprises are waiting for you to discover in 5 nights in the monster park here. Can you complete all the missions and escape? Introduce about the game yourself and enjoy it to find out the answer. Just tap and swipe on the screen to play. So you don’t need a few minutes to access everything.

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