Survival Defender 1.7.3 MOD ONE HIT, HIGH GOLD, Remove Ads APK
Survival Defender MOD APK 1.7.3

Survival Defender 1.7.3 MOD ONE HIT, HIGH GOLD, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Survival Defender
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Solid Games Studio
Size 81MB
Latest Version 1.7.3
Category Action
Price FREE

Survival Defender is a survival game in a deserted forest. Role-play as an archer to perform daily tasks. You will have to fend off the attacks of terrifying creatures in the forest. Their purpose is to take over your camp and steal valuables. Adopt a third-person view from behind to take action. The goal is to stop incoming waves of enemies to protect yourself. Only by destroying all monsters can survive. At the same time, you can strengthen your own abilities to be able to continue living in the forest. This game is in the category of action combined with arrow shooting. Play in offline mode for free with exciting features provided by the system.

Download Survival Defender MOD APK – Archery Against Attacks From Enemies

Get ready to go on an adventure in the fantasy world. With attacks from elves, monsters, and orcs in the forest. Their purpose is to invade your camp to steal valuables. There is no other choice but to attack. In order to protect the camp, as well as yourself against dangerous challenges that can lose your life at any time. Accordingly, you will play the role of an archer to perform the task. Hide behind defenses and attack from a distance. Continuously shoot arrows and use magical powers to destroy approaching enemies. Only with a complete wipe can one survive.Survival Defender

More than 197 different enemies

Here you will face 197 different enemies through battles. They are fearsome monsters, goblins, demons, orcs, witches, and more. Each enemy is shaped in its own style, reflected in its appearance, outfit, head, and body color. They also possess unique attack abilities with different weapons used. For example, monsters wielding a mace, sticks, swords, and even witches using magic. The enemy’s ability is also evaluated by their stamina, health, and damage dealt when approaching the defense you are hiding.

In addition to the fearsome enemies to destroy in the wars. When you reach a certain stage, you still have to face an attack from the boss. Possesses strength that surpasses that of ordinary monsters. The boss is not only huge in size, but the stats are also bigger. Make it difficult for you when the boss appears, it will even be impossible to stop and lose your life.Game Survival Defender

Daily survival mission

The character in the game Survival Defender performs the task on a daily basis. Each day unfolds a dramatic defensive battle. Against the wave of attacks from the large number of enemies approaching. You will have to destroy all enemies to be able to survive, thereby completing the mission in one day. Based on the difficulty of the mission and achievements in the battle. Shown by the number of enemies killed during the battle. From there will receive gold coins, crystals, and experience points with the corresponding amount.Tai Survival Defender

Defense Line Upgrading

Coming to the next day’s survival mission will face bigger challenges. To be able to block attacks from the approaching enemy. You need to upgrade your defense system to increase your stamina when being approached by enemies. Accordingly, at the beginning of the mission in the early days, your line of defense is a wooden fence. Later can be upgraded to a stone wall with more certainty. It is also possible to add equipment such as exploding bomb crates or traps to support the defense.

Supply system

The bow is the main weapon used by archers in battles for survival. Accordingly, there are many different types of bows for you to explore. Each bow is designed with a unique shape, color, and light pattern. The difference between them is also reflected in the ability to attack. From the amount of damage dealt, fire rate, arrow type and critical rate. However, it cannot be used for free, if you want to have a new weapon, you need to unlock it. Through the money earned after fighting days, it can be purchased to change the attack style.Download Survival Defender

Archers in the battle of Survival Defender can also use skills to attack. These include flaming arrows, icy arrows, rain of arrows, exploding bombs, poisons, and more. Each skill type used will bring its own special ability. For example, a rain of arrows can cause extensive damage, causing multiple enemies to lose their health at the same time. Or ice arrows will freeze enemies, immobilizing them for a short period of time. There are many other skills that will be explored in detail when participating. However, it should be noted that in each battle, you can only use up to 3 different skills.

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