Super Pixel Heroes 2021 1.3.144 MOD Lots of Money APK
Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK 1.3.144

Super Pixel Heroes 2021 1.3.144 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Super Pixel Heroes
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Size 95MB
Latest Version 1.3.144
MOD Unlimited Money, Frozen Currency
Category Action
Price FREE

Introduce about Super Pixel Heroes 2021 now and participate in the epic battles of pixel heroes. It is an attractive action game with a unique design style. All your heroes are made from colorful small squares and designed like hit heroes like King Kong, Robocop, and more. You can collect all your favorite heroes to participate in dozens of unique battlefields. There, you will have the opportunity to show off your eye-catching action skills and enjoy the eye-catching effects of the hero. You just need to smash the opponent to win and get the bonus. But you need further upgrades to improve your hero, ready for new epic battles.

Super Pixel Heroes 2021 – Battle for pixel heroes!

Get ready to enter the offline and online battlefield where you can witness the epic battles of pixel heroes. This game will keep you hooked for hours with its addictive action gameplay and fun and beautiful design. You don’t need any training to capture the action, it simply clicks to hit and enjoy amazing skill combos. But epic wars are the place for true heroes. So you need to be wary of your opponents and have them disappear from the battlefield before they do that to you. Many attractive rewards and titles are for your victory.


Join many attractive battlefields

The game gives you quite a few battleground modes to participate in. In particular, you can become a part of the battle in Master Quest, Prouing Ground, Epic Quest, and more. Each mode has its own rules, making for a variety of your strategic play. But basically, your mission in each mode is to defeat other heroes in a 1v1 duel. You have to smash them to win and return to glory. Your opponents can be anyone you will know before the game starts. So you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite and suitable characters to go to war and gain an advantage.

Any fight here is engaging and thrilling every second. You will have to master extremely fast movements and actions to respond to attacks from enemies. The skills you can use are Bleed, Critical Damage, Stun, Force Field, Obstacle Shield, and more. But you don’t need to memorize them because you just need to click on the screen for the hero to deploy the skills. Your job is to defend at the right time to block the attacks. If you can create a chain of consecutive skill combos, each of your attacks gets stronger and stronger. It’s your chance to break your enemies into blocks and make them disappear from the battlefield.


Unlock and upgrade your hero

The hero system in Super Pixel Heroes 2021 is divided into ranks from common to rare, epic, and legendary. The higher the rank of heroes, the more expensive they are, but their value is undisputed. Moreover, the heroes are based on famous figures such as Dinosaur, King Kong, RoboCop, Atom Zeus, and many more heroes from The Jungle Book. Each hero has its own stats in terms of strength, speed, and HP. Besides, they have their own skills like hitting, punching, tornado, and more.

You need to upgrade your hero over time to make him stronger and gain an advantage in every fight. You just need to upgrade the hero’s level and unlock new skills when you reach a certain level. Besides, if you want to be the master of the battlefield, you need to own characters with a higher rank. These heroes are only unlocked when you open lucky chests or complete special quests. With better power, it will be easier for you to go further in the fight. And it is your opportunity to explore many maps such as industrial zones, volcanic lands, airfields, and many other modern battlefields.


Enjoy the fun vintage design style

The game is built on a 3D graphics platform but in an extremely impressive animated pixel style. All images in the game are a block made of many small colored squares. In particular, it is this design that creates a novelty in the heroic appearance. They also have smooth movements and eye-catching performance effects. Meanwhile, each shot also comes with a lively sound. The background music is catchy, creating endless inspiration in your battle.

Don’t miss Super Pixel Heroes 2021 if you are looking for a fighting game on mobile. It will help you immerse yourself in epic battlefields with impressive pixel heroes. Show your skills to defeat all opponents and claim the great championship. Many battlefields are available to explore and many legendary heroes for you to unlock and role play here.

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