Super Mombo Quest 1.3 MOD Lots of Money APK
Super Mombo Quest MOD APK 1.3

Super Mombo Quest 1.3 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Super Mombo Quest
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Orube Game Studio
Size 177MB
Latest Version 1.3
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Super Mombo Quest is an action game that combines Platformer elements. Unleash the adventure full of fun, but also bring many challenges. Thereby you will accompany Mombo in the adventure of overcoming obstacles. Set in various platforms with rugged terrain design. Along with countless dangerous traps that can take lives at any time if collide. Based on the classic Arcade mechanic, the process will have to do a lot of different activities. Aim for safety to the final point of entering a new environment. Besides, the game also offers many attractive features to enjoy. Along with that is the intuitively designed control mechanism.

Download Super Mombo Quest MOD APK – Accompany Mombo in Cross-Region Adventure

Based on the content of Super Mombo Quest in LMHAPKSS. You will accompany Mombo on an adventure through hundreds of areas. Each area opens up a journey through obstacles and terrain. Simultaneously perform various tasks that are specifically required. The goal is to safely overcome all obstacles to reach the final destination. From there, you will complete the mission in an area. Then move across to enter a new environment and begin the next adventure. With many challenges ahead with changes. Expressed through the environment, terrain, landscape, and obstacles. Making the journey even more difficult, making it difficult for you to overcome.Super Mombo Quest MOD

The challenge increases when reaching new areas

Mombo’s journey in the game Super Mombo Quest opens up many interesting activities. Besides overcoming the terrain in each area. Thereby you can do it freely and without a time limit. But come adventure in new areas. Can be chased by the scary nightmare king. Shown through the waves of darkness chasing ahead. Thereby having to race to survive. Even face the boss in a 1vs1 battle in an area. Requires flexible control skills, combined with experience to overcome obstacles and terrain. Quickly reach the endpoint and leave to escape.Game Super Mombo Quest MOD

Avoid obstacles and collect stones

The progression of the adventure in each area of ​​Super Mombo Quest. A lot of different activities will have to be done. Avoid obstacles such as sharp spikes and monsters blocking the way. Pass to move forward and collect rare gems. They appear scattered in the areas you will pass through. Try to collect them all and don’t miss them, because this is also part of your mission. Accordingly, the system will give a specific number of gems to collect. Only after meeting the conditions can you leave that area for the next adventure.Super Mombo Quest MOD APK

Control mechanism with arrows

Through the control mechanism intuitively designed by Super Mombo Quest. The adventure takes place in areas. Will use arrows displayed in directions with specific colors. Accordingly, you just need to touch the left and right arrows to move Mombo forward or backward. Do the same with the other arrows to perform different actions. For example, jump up and stomp down on the terrain with great force to destroy the barrier. Or jump close to the edge of the terrain to get over the barrier and get up. Depending on each situation unfolding in the landscape in the area. Flexible combinations of control features will help you get by and stay safe.

Location save point

Go on adventures in the new area of ​​Super Mombo Quest. The distance that needs to be overcome will be longer than before. Accordingly, a table to save the location will appear, and when moved, it will automatically save. If you unfortunately lose your life, you will be revived at that point. Then continue the journey without having to return to the original starting point. However, it should be noted that in each trip there is only a maximum of 3 lives. If you lose all your lives, you will have to return to the starting point to do it again.Download Super Mombo Quest MOD

The content of Super Mombo Quest revolves around the cartoon character Mombo. Go through the journey to collect the gems. From there it can be used to unlock many different types of Mombo. Start the adventure with a purple character. Later, you can accompany characters in sand yellow, green, fire,… and more. Each character is shaped in its own unique style. That difference is expressed through appearance, style, as well as color.

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