Super Cloner 3D 1.6.8 MOD Lots of Money APK
Super Cloner 3D MOD APK 1.6.8

Super Cloner 3D 1.6.8 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Super Cloner 3D
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 161MB
Latest Version 1.6.8
MOD Free Rewards
Category Action
Price FREE

Inspired by the character Venom in the famous movie Spider-Man. The publisher has built it into a Super Cloner 3D game. This is an action game with elements of arcade entertainment. Open the mission system according to each level of play. The content revolves around battles with dangerous enemies. Venom will have to perform different operations to attack. Aim to destroy all enemies to complete the mission. This game is designed with many features. You can enjoy the process of playing. The simple control mechanism, easily performs actions. Many types of enemies and dangerous traps test the strength of the character. Hundreds of different options to change the fighting style. Along with the loot, attractive rewards to be able to collect.

Introduce about Super Cloner 3D – Go Forward To Destroy All Enemies!

Prove yourself as a real hero in Super Cloner 3D. Overcome all difficult challenges to keep moving forward. Fight dangerous enemies, and overcome deadly obstacles. Use your skills to attack the enemy. Simultaneously perform different actions to destroy the whole. Keep moving forward, constantly fighting to grow. Those challenges will make you stronger. The combat ability will be superior to before to be able to fight the boss. All challenges will be opened every time each task is completed. Along with that, the difficulty will be changed more and more complex. The enemy to face will be stronger than before. At the same time, there will be a chance to receive attractive rewards for performing crafting activities.Game Super Cloner 3D

Level-by-level quests, increasing challenge

Based on the level-based mission system of Super Cloner 3D. Each level opens up a dramatic battle. Play as the character Venom to start the action. Kill each enemy, in turn, to move forward. The goal is towards the last door at the end of the path. Make sure your life is safe and proceed through the door to complete the mission. Then can enter the next battle in the new level. The challenge will not stop changing, the difficulty will increase. A larger number of enemies appear. Their abilities are far superior to before. As well as a lot of dangerous traps and various obstacles. Make it difficult for you to move. Along with destroying the enemy to proceed to the final gate. Through that, it will be difficult to complete the task with excellent achievement.Introduce about Super Cloner 3D

Character Abilities, Building Missiles

With the special ability of Venom in the game Super Cloner 3D. Can enter any enemy in the battle to attack. Or even merge into a giant ball to keep rolling forward. Or transform into a man-eating flower plant with unique abilities. There are many other things that Venom can import. They appear in each battle on many levels. Using this special attribute will help you fight more abundantly. Can attack enemies in different styles. As well as having the opportunity to collect a variety of offensive weapons. Using them flexibly will yield excellent results. From there will receive valuable loot. Those are rocket parts to assemble and build. Collect enough to combine into a complete rocket. You will get a lot of rewards.Ear Super Cloner 3D

Collect coins, unlock new powers

Play through the levels in Super Cloner 3D. You will collect a large number of gold coins. They are dropped after each kill of an enemy. After a period of accumulation to own. Can be used to perform trading operations. Unlock many new powers to enhance your character’s abilities. The game offers more than 100 different options. Those are the weapons and powers for you to use to attack the enemy. Examples include daggers, freezes, boxing gloves, sharp tentacles, grenades,… and many more. Each type has its own attack style. For example, freezing will cause enemies to become numb for a short period of time. Use that opportunity to be able to break them into pieces. Depending on your playstyle, you can choose the right weapon to use.Super Cloner 3D

Experience battles in Super Cloner 3D. You will face countless dangerous enemies. They are armed to attack from a distance. If you are not careful, moving into the operating range will be fired by the enemy. Causes your blood volume to gradually decrease. Not stopping there, go through the levels to get to a certain stage. You will have to fight the boss in a difficult battle. Because the boss possesses combat parameters that are superior to ordinary enemies. From the ability to defend when attacked. The amount of damage generated will make it very easy to lose your life. Use all available abilities to defeat the boss. From there will have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards.

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