Subway Simulator 3D 3.10.0 MOD Lots of Money APK
Subway Simulator 3D MOD APK 3.10.0

Subway Simulator 3D 3.10.0 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Subway Simulator 3D
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Simulators Live
Size 113MB
Latest Version 3.10.0
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Subway Simulator 3D is a subway driving simulator. Set on various tracks. Along with ships designed for passenger operation. Accordingly, you will play the role of a train driver. Responsible for the operations and pick up and drop off passengers through the stops. At the same time, you also have to complete the work on schedule to be able to earn money. To gain new achievements to have the opportunity to unlock more trains and travel on new tracks. This is a game in the simulation category of the developer Simulators Live. Play in offline mode to experience the features for free. Especially recreated based on a realistic 3D platform.

Subway Simulator 3D – Subway Operator Perform Missions!

The ship driving mechanism in the game is optimally designed. Instead of using complicated controls in real life. Here the game is optimized with a simple operating system. Help players easily use to control the train moving on the track. At the same time, depending on the operation of the ship, it will open a number of other control features. In order to bring realistic gameplay during train operation. Accordingly, to increase and decrease the travel speed on the track will be through the lever displayed in the left corner. At the same time, a warning horn can be used when approaching a stop. Besides, when the train stops at a point, the system will display the door to open and close.Subway Simulator 3D MOD

Switching angles

The process of driving a train or stopping at a station across a track. The camera can be used to change the angle of view, in order to observe many different areas on the ship. Accordingly you can use the first-person view from the cockpit position. The system displays the control panel details. The third angle to observe from the rear, to track the entire movement of the ship. Or the view in the cabin to know the seating position of the passengers. As well as keeping track of people’s activities during subway travel. There are some other perspectives that will be learned when participating in the game. Through which will bring you a realistic train driving experience.Game Subway Simulator 3D MOD

Ship operation process

Start Subway Simulator 3D to perform the duty of a subway driver. Departure from the starting point to the stops. From there, perform each operation in turn, such as slowing down and stopping at the point where the passengers are waiting. Then open the door for them to step into the compartments, and change their perspective to see if everyone has boarded or not. After closing the train door, the train will continue to depart to the next stop. At the same time ensure the maximum allowed speed, and do not exceed the limit. Repeat this until the driver reaches the end of the route. From there a journey will end to get the job done. Based on the achievement achieved will have the opportunity to receive the corresponding bonus.Tai Subway Simulator 3D MOD

Rewards and achievements

The reward received after completing a subway driving mission is gold coins. The amount will correspond to the number of stars achieved. Each cruise can get up to 3 stars. Based on different categories rate the number of stars. Including the trip end time, the total number of passengers carried based on the number of people assigned by the system. Along with the number of times allowed to pass the speed. Based on the items that will gain the corresponding number of stars.

Various types of subways

To bring the attraction when participating in the game. The game offers many different subway trains. Each tram is designed in its own way. Shown in the styling on the compartments and the front end, as well as the dashboard. However, when starting the game, only one ship is provided by default. The rest must be unlocked to use. Accordingly, when you meet the given conditions and earn enough money, you can unlock the lock. Besides, the game also allows customizing the paint color of the ship. Each type of subway will be customized with a number of different paint colors.Introduce about Subway Simulator 3D MOD

Here the game Subway Simulator 3D opens up many different tracks. The difference between them is expressed in distance and distance. At the same time, the road is designed with different stops. Accordingly, to be able to unlock a new railway. You must collect enough accumulated points, through the previous trips and complete them. After meeting the conditions will be unlocked to participate in the journey in new routes.

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