Stranger Cases 1.28 MOD Lots of Money APK
Stranger Cases MOD APK 1.28

Stranger Cases 1.28 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Stranger Cases
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Snapbreak
Size 100MB
Latest Version 1.28
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Are you looking for a puzzle game? Do you love to explore intellectual and creative puzzles? Stranger Cases will satisfy you with what it brings. It’s a well-rounded puzzle adventure game with a fun story and design. It will make you spend hours playing and completing all the available missions. Your task is to follow the instructions from the characters to solve the troubles surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a drone. Your solution to a puzzle will lead to new puzzles, new events, and characters. From there, you’ll be on an exciting puzzle adventure without wanting to get out.

Introduce about Stranger Cases – Uncover mysteries with puzzle talent!

The game takes you into the strange fantasy world where the rats reach giant levels. There, you work as a talented detective and specialize in mysterious disappearances. Your first client is a mental scientist. He has lost a drone and wants you to find it. You embark on an investigation with very few clues at hand. But in the end, you found it on the roof of a building. Things did not stop there. You discover strange things in this place, which are the inhabitants of rats and many other crazy mysteries. So this curious detective is determined to find out the truth behind it all. That’s when you will start your puzzle adventure journey here.


The extremely diverse puzzle system

As the levels progress, the game will lead you into the adventure of the original story. There, you need to solve the assigned tasks to gradually unravel all the mysteries. These quests are essentially jigsaw puzzles, brainteasers, interactions, and more. To conquer them, you need to use observation, analysis, and reasoning skills. So, the duration of each level is quite long and it will take you hours to decipher the whole story. But it’s really fascinating because you’ll constantly find new and mysterious things. They will motivate you to explore more.

In particular, the game world consists of things that can be interacted with. You have the right to pick up anything you can find and put it in the inventory, then use it for anything you want. For example, you can use a ladder to climb a tree, pick up a hammer to break a door or repair a car, collect a bone to lure a fierce dog… Sometimes, you will encounter difficult puzzles. and many other dangers. For example, in the laboratory, you will encounter mutant giant rats that can devour everything. Be careful with the buttons because you can release them. Such a series of puzzles and situations will keep you interested.


Rich characters and backgrounds

Stranger Cases has a total of 15 levels, corresponding to 15 chapters. In it, it brings more than 20 original characters that will appear in your levels. Each character has its own unique look and story. Sometimes, they will suggest good suggestions to quickly complete the assigned task. Besides, through the dialogue of the main characters and costumes, you will better understand the original story. Pay attention to the text bubbles, as they are really helpful for you.

In addition, the game context system is extremely diverse. It includes various locations from mysterious rooms to laboratories, garages, gardens, and more. Each place is detailed with a range of interactive items. You should explore it long enough to explore every nook and cranny of each location. There’s always something useful that you can save in your inventory to use in a variety of situations later. Furthermore, be on the lookout for secret messages, passwords, photos, lockers, and more. Often, valuable clues are hidden within them.


Beautiful hand-drawn pictures

Besides the well-organized gameplay and storyline, this game will delight you with images designed in a hand-drawn style. They give you a feeling of closeness and friendliness so you have easy access to everything. Scenes are always colorful because they contain many details, objects, and people. The interactive operations are also very smooth, giving you a sense of role-playing and refreshing puzzles. These will take place on catchy and suspenseful background music.

So, Stranger Cases will make you unable to ignore. It is free to download and install on your phone, so don’t miss this opportunity to discover the most interesting puzzles. If you are confident that you are wise enough, try to conquer dozens of levels here. Learn to string together clues, documents, and objects to solve all the mysteries, are you ready to do it?

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