Stones & Sails 1.86.0 MOD Lots of Money APK
Stones & Sails MOD APK 1.86.0

Stones & Sails 1.86.0 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Stones & Sails
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherredBit games
Latest Version1.86.0
MOD Unlimited Full Money
Price FREE

Stones & Sails is a match-3 puzzle game. Open up an adventure on the vast ocean. Thereby you will accompany 3 characters in the game. Including Captains Lizzy, Marcel, and Ottavio. Each character possesses a unique personality, with differences in appearance and appearance. Together they formed a group to go out to sea. The goal is to explore unknown islands and find out the mysteries. Now, you will accompany the three of them to begin their adventure. Go to each location in turn and perform puzzle missions. The goal is to complete challenges and receive attractive rewards. Then comes the next journey with many challenges waiting ahead. At the same time, have the opportunity to collect many valuable treasures.

Stones & Sails – Join 3 Characters on an Adventure to Explore the Ocean!

Based on the plot of the game Stones & Sails in LMHAPKSS. Accompany 3 friends to start an ocean adventure. The goal is to explore islands in many different seas. Through conquering each level with specific tasks. In each level a match-3 puzzle activity takes place. Revolve around sweet candies of many colors and unique shapes. You will have to take turns to collect the required number of sweets. At the same time, ensure completion within a limited number of times. From there it is possible to complete the mission at a level. Based on achievements, expressed through the number of stars, along with the difficulty of the task. There will be a chance to receive gold coins in a corresponding amount.Stones & Sails MOD APK

Mission difficulty increased with many changes

Continue to the next level of Stones & Sails. Unleash adventure in a new location on the ocean. Maybe on another island or even in a beautiful city. The difficulty also increases from there with many changes. Not only are the number of sweets to collect higher than before. Which may have to collect many types of candy in large quantities at the same level. At the same time, the appearance of sweet candies of the same type in the puzzle area will decrease. Their positions are also scattered, making match-3 puzzle solving difficult. If after using all the turns you still cannot complete the challenge. That means the mission fails and must start again.Stones & Sails MOD

Achievements are shown through stars and rewards

Complete the mission of collecting sweets in a level of Stones & Sails. You can achieve excellent results with a maximum number of stars of 3. Accordingly, depending on the level, there will be a different score scale. Based on each match-3 puzzle you complete, points will be added accordingly. Try to complete the mission in as few puzzles as possible. After that, the remaining turns will automatically be converted into special candies. From there, you will create combos by exploding, helping to increase your score. This can complete the mission excellently with maximum stars. After that, based on the number of stars achieved, you will receive gold coins in a corresponding amount.Stones & Sails MOD

Many different types of candies and special candies

The progression of puzzle missions in Stones & Sails levels. There will be sweet candies designed in many different shapes and colors. For example, yellow candy has a snail symbol, red candy has a star, and green candy has a turtle symbol. The purple candy has a squid symbol and the blue candy has a whale tail symbol. Accordingly, you can create special candies to perform combos. Through solving match-3 puzzles of 4 or more candies of the same type. From there, a special candy with two colors will be created. Depending on the type, after solving the puzzle in the next turn. If successful, merge them with candies of the same type. From there, you will create combos to increase your score.Game Stones & Sails MOD

Follows the match-3 puzzle gameplay of the game Stones & Sails. Besides doing turn-by-turn puzzle activities to collect sweets. With increasing difficulty after reaching the next level. Thereby, you can use additional support items. They can appear randomly in the puzzle area. Or receive rewards after completing the task. These include colorful balls, hammers, wind wheels, pirate hooks, and anchors. Each type will bring its own special ability after use. For example, the hammer can break a protective layer of the candy to perform a puzzle on the next turn. Or a colorful ball after being paired with a candy. From there you can collect all candies of the same type in the puzzle area.

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