Stickman Ninja – 3v3 Battle 4.9 MOD Unlimited Gold/ RYSTAL, Remove Ads APK
Stickman Ninja MOD APK 4.9

Stickman Ninja – 3v3 Battle 4.9 MOD Unlimited Gold/ RYSTAL, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 18, 2024 (3 days ago)
Name Stickman Ninja
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher PhanGia
Size 146MB
Latest Version 4.9
MOD Unlimited Gold/ RYSTAL, No ADS
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Stickman Ninja is a simple but fun and engaging action game. You will play the role of fun ninja heroes and have extremely attractive 1v1 battles. Just tap the screen to show skill, but the most important factor is strategy. Show your combat experience to conquer every enemy in every war on an endless adventure journey. Move, attack, and defend your way to eliminate opponents in just a few moves. You can also unlock many powerful characters with unique skill sets and different power origins. Explore and upgrade your heroes to rank up, and unlock new battlefields and maps to expand your journey. Are you ready to do that?

Introduce about Stickman Ninja – Simple action role-playing game!

If you are looking for an action game with simple controls but still attractive, Stickman Ninja is a choice worth trying. It offers an engaging battle journey according to a unique quest and level system. You can choose to play single or team as you like, but the gameplay is the same. Play as a ninja in fun 2D, demonstrate smooth moves, and combine skill sets to create combos like never before. Battles take place on a horizontal screen and are rendered vividly with impressive visual effects. Just a simple 2D game but its charm is hard to deny.


Play the role of a ninja and fight against the invaders

The gameplay of the game is simple, so its context and plot are not complicated at all. It is simply a battle between ninjas to protect their base and adventure through many lands in the fantasy world. There, every fight is extremely intense because your opponents are also talented ninjas. You need to understand each of your heroes and opponents well to grasp their weaknesses and strengths, thereby taking advantage to win.

About the control, you just need to touch the joystick on the left side of the screen to move. Also, click the skill buttons on the right side of the screen to attack. Skills will include basic attacks and 4 moves, plus a passive skill. Gamers need to know how to combine these moves together in a reasonable way to gain an advantage over the enemy. Move wisely to dodge attacks, and attack at the right time to deal damage and reduce the enemy’s HP. And in each given situation, choose the right skill to defend, use magic or physical damage. Each skill brings different effects, creating a variety of tactics. The battle will end when either side loses all HP. If in a 3v3 fight, you need to destroy all of your team’s ninjas to win.


Discover the unique hero system

Currently, Stickman Ninja brings 3 main heroes, inspired by anime heroes like Naruto. Although not too rich, this hero system has many interesting characteristics to explore. 3 heroes with 3 different fighting styles. One possesses the power of water, one uses skills from fire, and the other possesses the power of magic. Each type of power is distinguished by different colors. In battle, the skills of each hero are also shown by effects with separate colors.

Players can upgrade heroes according to the level system, thereby helping to improve the attack and defense stats. Accompanying the hero’s progress is the improvement of the enemy’s system. Therefore, the game always creates balanced battles, not beyond your capacity but also not too easy to overcome. Besides, you also have the right to unlock new maps to explore. It can be desert, deep forest or dungeon, and more. On each map, you will encounter different powerful bosses.


Simple, fun, and eye-catching 2D graphics

Unlike many action games today, Stickman Ninja is designed on a fairly rudimentary 2D graphics platform. The image of the ninja character is like a stickman, not too detailed, but also possesses characteristics to distinguish between different characters. Besides, the combat effects are quite eye-catching, and the sound is vivid and realistic. Moreover, the battlefield scenes are also quite rich, inspiring long-term adventures.


Overall, Stickman Ninja is a simple but impressive game. It is no coincidence that it has attracted millions of gamers to participate. It gives you fast-paced single or 3v3 fights where you have to show off your skills and action strategy to win. So, join the game, play as your favorite ninja and explore the fiery battlefields in 2D.

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