Stickman Ninja Fight 1.6 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems tickets, unlimited all APK
Stickman Ninja Fight MOD APK 1.6

Stickman Ninja Fight 1.6 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems tickets, unlimited all APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Stickman Ninja Fight
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Zin Games
Size 177MB
Latest Version 1.6
MOD Menu, Unlimited money gems tickets, unlimited all
Category Action
Price FREE

Get ready to participate in ninja wars in the game Stickman Ninja Fight. This is a fighting action game reimagined in stickman style. Role-play as a ninja to participate in dramatic battles. Through the different game modes perform their own missions. The goal is to defeat the opponent and win convincingly. Achieving excellent results from matches will help you receive attractive rewards. From there has the opportunity to explore the content of the game more. With a lot of features provided by the system. From characters that are inspired by the movie Naruto. Up to the vividly designed graphics, with impressive picture and sound quality. Along with that is the intuitively simulated control mechanism.

Download Stickman Ninja Fight MOD APK – Fight Between Ninjas in the Arena

The plot of the game opens in the town of Leaves. More than 12 years ago, the Nine-Tails attacked the village destroying everything and taking many people’s lives. The leader of the Leveas gave his life to seal the Nine-Tails into the body of a child. It was also his son with the name Naruto. Through the use of forbidden magic to seal. As time went by, Naruto grew up with everyone in the village. But they were still fearing the boy’s ability to hold the Nine-Tails. Although still stubbornly living strong to prove to everyone that he is not the shadow of the monster from the past. But the villagers still see him as a ticking time bomb that could cause the disaster of 12 years ago to happen again.Stickman Ninja Fight

Story-based quests

Role-play as Naruto to participate in plot-based fighting battles. There will be opportunities to explore new lands. As well as learn about the secrets of the hidden village. Through that will have to perform tasks according to each level of play. In each level opens a fighting match. You will use the character’s skills to attack the opponent. At the same time, dodge flexibly to limit the amount of blood is reduced. The goal is to beat the opponent in the shortest time to finish the match. From there will complete the task and receive a reward corresponding to the level of participation.Game Stickman Ninja Fight

Rewards based on achievements

The reward received after winning at Stickman Ninja Fight includes gold coins and character pieces. Based on achievements, expressed through the number of stars, up to 3 stars. From there will receive the corresponding amount of gold coins. Here, at each level will give specific conditions. Each condition corresponds to one star upon completion. For example win against an opponent, end the match within the time limit and the minimum remaining health is 50% or more. If after the end of the war, you complete 3 conditions, you will reach the maximum number of stars. At this time, you will receive a large number of gold coins to accumulate.Tai Stickman Ninja Fight

Boss battle

Go through each battle in turn, when you reach a certain level, you still have to confront the boss. The boss’s abilities are superior to the usual opponents you encounter. From the amount of health, stamina, to attack power. As well as skills are made very flexible to attack, to defeat you. To be able to defeat the boss in a fighting match will require skill, as well as experience. Combine character moves to create powerful combos. At the same time dodge to minimize the rate of blood loss.

Other game modes

In addition to the story mode of the game. You can also participate in other game modes provided by the system. Includes Versus mode, tournament, and practice. Each mode opens matches according to its own play style. Give different rules to follow. For example, Versus mode allows you to challenge your desired opponent. According to the rules of the win-lose classification, only the last survivor wins. Tournament mode with the participation of 16 best ninjas. Need to overcome all to become the champion. Or in training mode that will help you hone your skills and improve your flexibility in combat. Through exercises for self-development.Download Stickman Ninja Fight

MOD APK Feature of Stickman Ninja Fight

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Free shopping
  • unlimited all

Not only role-playing as Naruto character in the game Stickman Ninja Fight. It is also possible to become many different ninjas here. They are all characters inspired by anime manga. Each character has their own set of fighting skills. Their strength is also reflected in their stats. Includes max health, attack, defense, and mana. Moreover, it is also possible to increase the character’s fighting power. Through the use of money and puzzle pieces to upgrade. It is also possible to increase the rank of the character. By accumulating a sufficient number of ninjutsu books to proceed with the upgrade.

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