Stickman Ghost 2 8.1.2 MOD God mode APK
Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK 8.1.2

Stickman Ghost 2 8.1.2 MOD God mode APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Stickman Ghost 2
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Unimob
Size 102MB
Latest Version 8.1.2
MOD God mode
Category Action
Price FREE

Are you ready to enter the adventure in the universe of Stickman Ghost 2 ? Follow the action gameplay with role-playing elements. Become a stickman warrior to join the journey through the planets. Challenge each planet’s staged survivability to complete the mission. Fight shadowy minions to uncover secrets and collect treasures. Through that will have the opportunity to experience many features provided by the publisher Unimob. Diverse weapon systems are divided into long-range and close-range attack groups. Up to unique skills and pet farming for companions. Besides, the graphics are built in a dark space. With a combination of unique lighting effects.

Download Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK – Explore the Universe Through Stickman Wars

Follow the action gameplay that takes place in stickman wars across the planets. You will face a lot of different enemies. They are dark minions armed with unique offensive weapons. They use their swords to charge forward to deal direct damage. Use a shotgun to attack from a distance. Or rush to combat empty-handed to deal physical damage. Each stickman enemy is shaped in its own style. Shown through the appearance and equipment used. Not stopping there, from the battles that take place, sometimes even having to face the boss. This is one of the huge challenges for you. Because the boss possesses stats far superior to normal enemies.Stickman Ghost 2

Stages on many planets

The space adventure will take place in many different planets. Each planet will open up the battle stages. At each stage will divide into waves of attack of stickman enemies. Play as a hero equipped with weapons and skills, as well as support from pets. Accordingly, you will have to show your ability to fight off waves of enemies in turn. Destroy them and wipe them all out to win. After overcoming the waves of attack and ending the battle. Successfully surviving the dangers will complete the mission at one stage.Game Stickman Ghost 2

New planet unlocking conditions

Conquer each stage of a planet in turn in the game Stickman Ghost 2. When you pass all and meet the conditions, the system will unlock the new planet. From there will come an adventure in another world with greater challenges awaiting. Accordingly, you will begin your journey from Saturn. After completing 10 stages will come the next star next to Saturn. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to immerse yourself in a cosmic black hole with fearsome dark enemies.Tai Stickman Ghost 2

The challenge is growing

The fight with stickman enemies will become more and more fierce every time it comes to the next stage. There will be various challenges to test your survival. The attack wave will increase the number more than before. Until the number of enemies in each wave will be larger. In particular, there are many enemies with outstanding abilities. With the improved attack, defense, and health stats. Even when it comes to a certain stage, you have to fight a scary boss.

Hero stats

Stickman’s hero in space adventure possesses different stats. Includes damage dealt, defense, attack speed, movement speed and health. Start your journey from level one, and go through battles to accumulate experience points. From there it is possible to advance to the next level when the conditions are met. With improved stats for superior combat. Not stopping there, through the use of equipment and learning skills. The hero’s ability will be increased even more to overcome the challenges of the new planets.Download Stickman Ghost 2

The weapon system divided into two groups

Here Stickman Ghost 2 provides a diverse weapon system. Divided into two groups including melee and ranged weapons. For melee weapons, there are many types such as swords, knives, nunchakus, saw blades, and many others. Likewise, ranged weapons include guns such as rifles, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and laser guns. Each weapon has different stats. At the same time, the way to attack the enemy in the war is also different. Accordingly, in order to own the desired weapon, it is necessary to unlock it.

In addition to the weapons used to attack the enemy. You can adopt pets to aid in battles. Pets play a supporting role, which will deal a small amount of damage to enemies. At the same time will move anywhere in the footsteps of the hero in fierce battles.

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