Stickman Escape: Choice Story 2.6 MOD Receive bonus without ADS APK
Stickman Escape: Choice Story MOD APK 2.6

Stickman Escape: Choice Story 2.6 MOD Receive bonus without ADS APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Stickman Escape: Choice Story
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher ABI Global LTD
Size 92MB
Latest Version 2.6
MOD Receive bonus without ADS
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Challenge yourself in the adventure of Stickman Escape: Choice Story. The game is combined with interesting puzzles. Takes you to the impossible missions, and explores thrilling stories, mixed with suspense. This is an adventure game. Built on content based on an engaging story. Help you discover many unique features during the experience. In particular, to create fun when participating. The publisher has designed the character in stickman style. With complex scenarios, many interesting challenges. The element of surprise is intertwined in the adventures. The gameplay is simple but addictive. Because they bring a unique style of experience. Along with 2D graphics are simulated vivid images. Incorporating a simple, easy-to-use control interface.

Introduce about Stickman Escape: Choice Story – Lupine Intelligence Agent Adventure!

The story of Stickman Escape: Choice Story revolves around the character Lupin. An excellent intelligence officer in the MI6 detachment. In the performance of a task assigned by the organization. He has accidentally come across a girl kidnapped by strangers. Relying on his trained skills, Lupine helped the girl out of danger. However, due to ruining their plans. He became the target of an attack. Dangers are always lurking to take Lupine’s life. Now, there is no choice but to face it. You will play the role of intelligence agent Lupine to carry out missions. Solve difficult and challenging puzzles. At the same time fight against the terrorist organization that is targeting. Escape from their attack to complete the mission.Stickman Escape- Choice Story

Incremental level quests

Stickman Escape: Choice Story is a free offline game. Open up the quest system according to each level gradually. Each level presents a challenge, with puzzles revolving around the game’s content. As intelligence agent Lupine, you will have to make the correct decisions. Through the choice of answers to match the context. Then, when you answer correctly, you will complete the task to move to a new level. The difficulty will increase every time you start the next mission. The challenges presented will be more difficult than before. Challenging puzzles, challenge your brain. Thrilling situations, along with the thrill are extended throughout the levels. Definitely bring you an unforgettable experience. At the same time, it will have the opportunity to learn about interesting stories.Tai Stickman Escape- Choice Story

Various missions

Play through the levels of the adventure game Stickman Escape: Choice Story. You will have to perform a series of different tasks. Including rescuing the prime minister from evil terrorists. Find a way to escape the notorious criminal organization Red Skull. Save the world from the gangs, by killing all the terrorists. There are many other missions that will be unlocked after overcoming the previous challenges. Each quiz will force you to give an answer. It looks simple, but choosing the wrong one will end the adventure. Meaning the mission failed, and could not be completed. Then it will take you more time to play that level again. But compared to the increasing difficulty after each mission is completed. Surely you will have to play again and again in the next levels.Introduce about Stickman Escape- Choice Story

Join the game

The gameplay of Stickman Escape: Choice Story is quite simple. But addictive for the participants. Here, level-by-level missions will be played out according to the story. With a process that is reproduced in different stages. Before starting the quest, the context will be opened. Entering the first level, you will have to choose the vehicle to chase the kidnappers. After giving the correct answer will move to a new level. The scene is moved to the process of chasing criminals on the road. Obstacles appear ahead. At this point, you will have to make a choice to crash straight through or avoid moving in another route. After completing the challenge will continue the new mission. Repeat this until you pass the puzzles, you will complete the task excellently.Game Stickman Escape- Choice Story

Stickman Escape: Choice Story graphics will help every player feel eye-catching. Thanks to the graphics built in 2D. Combining a variety of color systems, reproducing bright environments and landscapes. Along with character creation in the style of a stickman. In particular, everything in the game is reproduced in animated form, with so many different elements for you to explore. Along with that is the fun background music. Attractive sounds will be shown throughout the performance.

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