Stick War 3 2024.3.2028 MOD Menu VIP, Money, 999 Army, Unlocked Skins APK
Stick War 3 MOD APK 2024.3.2028

Stick War 3 2024.3.2028 MOD Menu VIP, Money, 999 Army, Unlocked Skins APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Fight with the dramatic and engaging stickman tribe in this Stick War 3 MOD APK 2024.3.2028, come up with the perfect strategy to build your tribe, upgrade your army's strength and defeat the enemies. other tribes in the ancient world. The VIP Menu version gives you a lot of money, unlimited gold and a large amount of resources for you to build your tribe and base. Upgrade your army quickly to make your tribe powerful. In particular, this mod has unlocked all soldiers and skins.
Name Stick War 3
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherMax Games Studios
Latest Version2024.3.2028
MOD Menu VIP, Money, 999 Army, Unlocked Skins
Price FREE

Stick War 3 was officially launched after the success of Stick War Legacy , bringing you into the stickman strategy arena between fun and addictive stickman tribes released by Max Games Studios. This game will fascinate you with battles that seem easy and simple but are full of challenges. Furthermore, with a funny stickman graphic style and a series of eye-catching combat effects, the battles will make you unable to ignore. In the game, your mission is to work as a stickman army commander and you need to allocate, recruit and combine stickman units according to your own strategy to fight enemies and rob their bases . Get ready to lead your stickman army and score achievements in every ancient arena.

Stick War 3 – Fight with the dramatic stickman tribe

Stick War 3 throws you into battle with the dramatic and fiery stickman tribe. Perform tasks such as building bases, recruiting soldiers from tribes to destroy enemies and destroy their bases. Initially, you still need to exploit resources, build bases, defense lines and send your stickman army to fight. When your tribe is powerful, that’s when you start conquering other tribes and plundering resources. Gameplay has simple gameplay, easy to understand but difficult to master. It will mainly challenge gamers’ strategic talent instead of forcing you to learn many advanced control skills. Join the game, what’s for you is war and strategy, nothing else. You can start a battle in just a few seconds, whether you choose to play against AI or online gamers. In battle, you just need to touch to control your troops. After each battle, you will receive rewards to continuously upgrade your stickman army, aiming for bigger tournaments and many new strategies.


Build your ancient tribe to be powerful

Building your ancient tribe to become powerful is all you need to do. Based on the advantages of each warrior in the tribe, you will come up with a specific strategy to help build your tribe. Use mines to mine resources such as gold and wood to build shelters. Swordsmen will help you attack other tribes in combat as well as protect the tribe at close range. Regular soldiers help you attack and siege enemies. Witches or wizards help you increase the strength of your troops, protect them from damage and destroy long-range enemies based on magical power. A giant with good attack resistance, helping you withstand damage. Archers help you attack enemies from afar. Become a talented commander with a perfect strategy to defeat other tribes.

Join many different game modes

Currently, the game has multiple game modes, including campaign, tournament, and zombie modes. The first mode gives you a level system of battles from easy to increasingly difficult, helping you go from familiarity to mastery and becoming a great strategist. Your opponent is AI, but it is smart enough to make things difficult for you. Wars will take place continuously across many battlefield contexts. You will grow stronger and wiser, and so will your enemies. The battles are always in balance, helping you feel the importance of top strategy. Meanwhile, in tournament mode, you can compete with opponents around the globe. Each player will fight in turns with the others until a champion is found.

And in the final mode you will fight against zombies in a post-apocalyptic setting. Besides, the game has many daily missions and multiplayer modes, typically 2v2 mode. So choose your favorite mode and join stickman wars like never before in your life. During the war, your mission is to recruit stickman units to fight the enemy. Each player’s goal is to destroy the opponent’s base and loot their resources. Although the control mechanism is simple, you need to pay more attention to strategy. You need to understand each unit clearly to recruit the correct and sufficient quantity for the battle. Furthermore, consider attacking or defending depending on the game situation.


Upgrade your stickman army

Stick War 3 offers an extremely diverse system of soldier unit classes. But it has 6 typical unit classes, including miners, regular soldiers, swordsmen, archers, wizards and giants. Miners are a force that exploits resources to create gold coins, helping you recruit other units. Meanwhile, swordsmen and soldiers often play the vanguard role. Archers and witches are the main damage-dealing force, have long range and need to be protected by vanguard units. Giants are rare units, have high HP and high damage.

Over time, you can unlock new unit classes and important skill cards like healing, shields, and more. Each unit has its own characteristics, making it easy for you to choose and create strategic formations as you like. However, you need to upgrade your units over time. You can decorate them with skins and use gold coins to upgrade their level. After each upgrade, your units will improve important stats such as HP, attack range, cooldown, damage and more.


The design is simple but sophisticated and fun

Compared to many other strategy games, this game is really different in its graphic style. Instead of a high-quality 3D platform, this game only possesses a simple but sophisticated 2D style. The main images used in the game are black funny stickmen. The battlefield context changes flexibly depending on the map, bringing the necessary freshness. Besides, the effects and fighting sounds are also quite vivid, contributing to the appeal of the battle.

Implemented MOD APK feature of Stick War 3

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlock them all
  • Hack Skins

Overall, Stick War 3 is a strategy game worth playing on your phone. It will satisfy you with its stickman strategy gameplay that is both fun, exciting, dramatic and challenging. You will have the opportunity to compete with friends online in many real-time modes. You can also find dozens of unit types to freely combine and many maps to explore.

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