Stick Football 1.3 MOD Lots of Money APK
Stick Football MOD APK 1.3

Stick Football 1.3 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 days ago)
Name Stick Football
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherRubick Games
Latest Version1.3
MOD Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Have fun with your team in the game Stick Football. This is a game in the category of sports games. Open competitions between teams. You will become a leader to join your teammates in the competition. The goal is to break through the opposing team’s defenses. Successfully score into the net to complete the mission. From there win to become the champion team. Step up the rankings of the teams with the best achievements. The game is built with interesting features. Helping every player who joins to have the best gameplay experience. Each player can be customized according to his or her own playing style. The difficulty is divided into different levels. Complete competitions for a chance to win prizes. Especially, it is completely free to play but has the option of in-app purchases.

Stick Football – Play Against Other Teams To Score!

Lead the team to participate in sports matches in Stick Football. Based on entertaining gameplay, but is no less strategic. With activities taking place like passing, shooting, and scoring. Follow each step to be able to successfully score. The gameplay is quite simple, taking place between two stickman teams in a match. Your task is to control the player to pass the ball to his teammates. At the same time dodge the opponent’s defender. Successfully pass the ball to the player’s feet. Immediately after approaching the goal, scoring to increase the score. During that process, if the opposing goalkeeper or defender catches the ball. Your team will lose points, which will reduce the win rate. Do each activity in turn until the game is over. The team that scores the higher score wins.Stick Football

Challenge divided into levels

Stick Football ‘s football tournaments are divided into levels. The difficulty will increase in order from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level will have its own difficult challenges. In particular, the biggest challenge is the skills of the teams. For example in tournaments at the beginner level. The players on the opponent’s team have average skills. That means you can easily break through their defense to score. But when entering the tournament at the advanced level. Everything is not so simple and easy. Because the player has been upgraded, possessing much better playing skills. If you do not have the skills to accurately pass the ball to the position of your team player. It will be very easy to lose points, because of the blocking of defenders and goalkeepers of the opposing team.Tai Stick Football

Shooting and passing skills

To win Stick Football ‘s tournaments. Your skills are very important. Can determine the outcome, as well as the achievement achieved. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the standing position of the teammate receiving the pass. At the same time the defensive position of the opposing team players. Try to shoot the ball as accurately as possible so that your team player gets the ball. Based on turn-based gameplay that takes place in competitive matches. Each team will take turns kicking the ball to find a way to score into the opponent’s net. The team that scores 3 goals first wins. Use the skills of a team captain. You will have to constantly improve your skills. Gain more experience to improve your shooting ability. Team up with your teammates to score goals to win against the opposing team.Stick Football

Upgrade the players

Go through each football competition between two teams in Stick Football. You will have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards. Moreover, completing the tournaments at a difficulty level will receive a lot of valuable rewards. They can be used to upgrade the players. Improve their skills to enhance the squad. Through customizing appearance colors with unique outfits. Help them become more prominent in the next competitions. Also, upgrade each player to match your playing style. From there, it is possible to achieve better performance in high-class tournaments. However, after each player upgrade, it will consume a lot of resources. So you need to accumulate to upgrade in turn. Over time, it is gradually possible to create the best team.Game Stick Football

Currently, the game Stick Football is experienced in offline mode. You can play completely for free right after downloading. Especially the game is suitable for all ages. Moreover, to create attractive gameplay. Bring fun for everyone to participate. The publisher has combined a diverse color system. Recreate a bright space. With the shaping of stickman-style players. A huge difference from other football games. Promises to bring exciting tournaments.

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