Star Chef 2.25.53 MOD High Experience, Unlocked Items APK
Star Chef MOD APK 2.25.53

Star Chef 2.25.53 MOD High Experience, Unlocked Items APK

By Hai Nam April 3, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Star Chef
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher 99Games
Size 140MB
Latest Version 2.25.53
MOD High Experience, Unlocked Items
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Are you a foodie and passionate about becoming a chef? Do you want to manage a large cooking restaurant and get rich? Star Chef has everything you need to cook, manage and generate profits. It is a fun and easy-to-play online cooking simulator. Your task in the game is to serve diners delicious dishes cooked by yourself. You can unlock amazing recipes and train to become a skilled chef. Moreover, you will build a luxury restaurant with a team of highly skilled chefs. Do not go alone, work as a talented manager if you want to own a huge restaurant empire.

Download Star Chef MOD APK – A cooking simulator with a 2D design

Star Chef is a simulation game that has attracted millions of players around the globe. So rest assured that you will have a wonderful relaxing time here. You will become a chef with aspirations of becoming a culinary expert. You will start with a small restaurant model with a modest serving area, kitchen, and farm. You need to work hard to make a profit, thereby expanding and upgrading the restaurant. It’s been a long journey, but a lot of fun. You will have the opportunity to witness the progress from restaurant size and number of delicacies to staff and more.


Manage your farm

One special feature that sets this game apart is farm management. Your restaurant is linked to a farm you own. This will be the place to supply ingredients for the restaurant to create fresh and delicious dishes. You will grow everything here, from vegetables to fruits and even livestock. If your restaurant needs milk, you should build a dairy farm. You can also raise chickens, pigs, and fish for fresh meat. Make sure your farm is always working at full capacity to accommodate the restaurant. As the restaurant gets more and more crowded, you have to expand the farm size and add harvesters.


Design and build your restaurant

At the beginning of the game, your restaurant has only a small kitchen and dining area. But you can use it to create delicious treats and serve them to the first customers. With the money earned, you can expand and upgrade the restaurant. You need to add new appliances and utensils to the kitchen and hire more cooks, waiters, and cleaners. Next, you need to expand the serving area and add tables and chairs. You also need to add decorations to improve the look of the store. Think about placing a fountain in the middle of the restaurant, check-in areas, floral decorations, murals, lights, and more.


Serve customers quickly

The most important thing in Star Chef is serving diners. The number and satisfaction of customers will determine the popularity of the restaurant. Customers will come to the restaurant, sit at the table, order, and wait. You need to serve them quickly so that no one has to wait too long. The waitstaff will bring the menu down to the kitchen, and your work officially begins. You will go to the kitchen and make the required dishes to quickly serve meals to diners. First, choose the necessary ingredients, then the processing and cooking. If there are not enough materials, quickly call the farm department to supply more.

After finishing the delicious dish, the waiter will bring it to the customer. They will enjoy their meal and pay the restaurant. Just like that, after a customer leaves, you will get money into your account. Use them to continue to invest in your restaurant and turn it into a culinary empire. In addition to restaurant service, you can also serve takeaway food. To do this, you need to hire a delivery person. Do everything you can to spread your food to every corner of the city. And you will soon realize your dream MOD APK – to become a culinary master.


Cute and friendly cartoon design

Like many other food games, this game impresses with its cartoon design. It depicts everything very authentically, highlighting the luxurious dining restaurant space. You will see hundreds of different diners with unique looks. Waiters, chefs, cleaning staff… are also well-designed with typical costumes of the restaurant. The experience space is always bright, the background music is cheerful and gentle. So the game will make you fascinated with the experience that is both beautiful and fun.

Don’t hesitate to join the Star Chef where you can make your culinary dreams come true. You are both a chef and a restaurant manager. Your job is not only to cook but also to manage staff, farm, speed of service, restaurant design, and more. Let’s work hard to become a restaurant tycoon soon.

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