Stacky Dash 4.8.5 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Coins, Remove Ads, Timer Freezed APK
Stacky Dash MOD APK 4.8.5

Stacky Dash 4.8.5 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Coins, Remove Ads, Timer Freezed APK

Written by Hai Nam (7 hours ago)
Name Stacky Dash
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Download 13
Size 145MB
Latest Version 4.8.5
MOD Menu, Unlimited Coins, No Ads, Timer Freezed
Category Action
Price FREE

Stacky Dash is a super addictive puzzle game from the publisher Supersonic Studios. It has attracted more than 100 million players on the Android platform at the moment. This number is enough proof of the attraction of the game. Basically, it is a game built on maze puzzle mechanics. Your task is to move on to the maze to collect as many bricks as possible. The bricks collected will be used to move across bridges. If you lack tiles, you will have to play again from the starting position. Everything seems simple, right? But is it really easy to play? Let’s explore more about it in this article.

Stacky Dash – Simple yet addictive puzzle mechanics!

This game gives you a question “If you accidentally get lost in the maze, what will you do to get out?”. That question will be answered through hundreds of available levels that you are about to experience. Those levels are built with simple puzzle mechanics. You just need to touch and swipe on the screen to solve the puzzle. However, in order to find the most optimal solution, you must have a smart calculation. The more perfect the solution, the more bonuses you will get. That’s what happens in this game. But to understand it better, you have to explore the game on your own. There are many pleasant surprises waiting for you.


Collect bricks your way

At each level, you will start at the starting position. You need to move along the paths in the maze to collect bricks and find your way to the treasure. To move, you just need to swipe in 4 different directions. Specifically, just swipe up to move forward, swipe down to go backward, and swipe left or right to move in two directions west-east. However, how to move is up to your strategy. Let’s analyze the shape of the maze to find the most suitable path. The goal of each move is to collect as many bricks as possible. The number of bricks obtained will help you pass the broken roads.

So is it necessary to collect all available tiles? That is up to you. If you only need to collect a certain number of bricks to pass the maze, leave the other bricks to quickly complete the level. But you should collect all available bricks in case of bad situations. If the ramp is too long, you may fail if you don’t collect enough bricks. Moreover, you have a stretch of road at the end of the journey. That’s when you need as many bricks as you can to reach the precious treasure in the last place. That treasure will give you a bonus after being multiplied many times.


Unlock unique skins

There are many ways to refresh your experience in Stacky Dash. Specifically, you can unlock new skins for your character. It can be a colorful stickman, high school girl, superhero Batman, animal cosplay costume, and more. They will help refresh the character’s appearance without affecting the skill element. And in essence, there are no special skills. Win or lose depends on your ability and strategy. So you don’t need to spend money on upgrades. Spend all your winnings on unlocking your favorite skins.

Besides, many other new contents are also unlocked over time. You can see new maps and new brick shapes. About the map, it can be a maze built on the tropical forest, on the beach, on the desert… Each map has its own color and landscape, bringing newness and intimacy. Meanwhile, the bricks will have many new shapes, such as circles, oranges, flags, and more. They also contribute to the freshness of your puzzle journey. But you don’t need to use the money to unlock them. They will change dynamically over time as the level progresses.


Simple and colorful design

Everything in this game is described quite simply and crudely. But the images are colorful, making the experience scene vivid. The game context changes flexibly through levels. Besides, the character’s appearance is also increasingly new when you unlock the skins system. In addition, you will enjoy the puzzle process in the background of soothing music. It will help you relax and fully focus on the puzzle experience. Everything is simple but elegant and eye-catching.

There is only one gameplay and one mode, but Stacky Dash still attracts millions of players. It may well become your favorite puzzle game from now on. Let’s download the game and explore it. Hundreds of super fun brick puzzle levels will make you unable to stop playing. So how many levels will you pass? Show off your achievements to challenge your friends.

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