Specimen Zero 1.1.1 b34 MOD Menu VIP, Immortality, One hit, Tele Kill, Shopping Without Money APK
Specimen Zero - Online horror MOD APK 1.1.1 b34

Specimen Zero 1.1.1 b34 MOD Menu VIP, Immortality, One hit, Tele Kill, Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Specimen Zero - Online horror
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherCafé Studio
Latest Version1.1.1 b34
MOD Menu, Immortality, One hit, Tele Kill, Free Shopping
Price FREE

Specimen Zero opens with a horror story. Set in a mysterious house, with the horror of its surroundings. You will have to find ways to protect yourself. Do puzzle activities to find the way out. The game is simulated based on horror 3D graphics. With realistic image quality, create a realistic space. Recreate scary gore scenes. Moreover, to increase the experience, help players enjoy scary scenes with friends. The developer also offers an online multiplayer mode. Help you to explore the mysterious house with everyone. At the same time, the system makes its own rules and requirements. You need to comply throughout the experience.

Specimen Zero – Escape From The Monster In The Mystery Building!

The story of Specimen Zero unfolds in a mysterious building. This could be an abandoned hospital or an empty laboratory. Not sure why, just remember being kidnapped. After waking up, you find yourself lying in a dark room. At the same time, a horrible scene happened. Across from the room you just woke up from is a person lying on an operating table. Experimented by a mysterious doctor. After undergoing surgery, the experiment unfortunately failed. But fortunately, that person is still alive. However, a strange phenomenon happened. From a normal human turned into a monster. With the ability to suck blood and thirst for life. You randomly become the target of a monster in a mysterious building.Game Specimen Zero

Do puzzle activities

Based on the open gameplay of the entertaining game Specimen Zero. Role-play as a character to start the journey to find a way to escape. You can move freely in the mysterious house. Perform various activities without restriction. Before wanting to escape from this scary place. You will have to learn how to survive, being able to survive the pursuit of monsters. Through the process of solving puzzles. Search and collect equipment to use. Also, use support items to find a way to escape. Overtime will find mysterious places in the building full of horror. Uncover unknown secrets. At the same time, the door to escape from the house will gradually be revealed. After escaping from there, you will complete the last mission.Ear Specimen Zero

Use tools

To uncover the mysteries in the vast dark space of Specimen Zero. Learn about hidden secrets, while escaping the pursuit of monsters. Throughout the process, you will have to use many different tools. Monitor cameras located at multiple locations in the building. Through that will detect the monster’s location. At this point, it is possible to offer solutions such as running away or attacking. Besides, in a dark space, the road is not clear. Using a flashlight for lighting is a very necessary thing. It will help you see more clearly from a distance. Moreover, you can search for a gun to equip yourself. Used as a combat tool, defending monsters when attacked. Shooting accurately puts them in a coma or loss their life.Specimen Zero

Two game modes

Specimen Zero has two main game modes. If you want to explore the mysterious building alone. It is possible through the single-player mode to learn about the secrets for yourself. However, this would be very dangerous. Because monsters can attack at any time. To increase the survival rate, as well as explore the scary building in a more interesting way. Can participate in online multiplayer mode. Explore and discover everything with your friends. To play with friends, you need to keep a few things in mind from the system. Force friends to use the same version. Also, have to choose a commonplace in the game’s menu. After that, everyone will be accompanied on a journey to find life.Specimen Zero

Many mysterious locations of Specimen Zero are waiting for you to explore. In a vast dark space, with countless dangerous challenges. Scary rooms, mysterious buildings, creepy labs,… Each location is recreated in a dark setting. Gives you a feeling of fear, sometimes giving you goosebumps. Moreover, thanks to the graphics built on the 3D platform. Adding more realism to the game. The image is reproduced very realistically. Can be easily seen through the surroundings. Objects appear on the ground. With gore scenes when being attacked by monsters.

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