Special Agent CyberDuck MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked APK
Special Agent CyberDuck MOD APK

Special Agent CyberDuck MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 hours ago)
Name Special Agent CyberDuck
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Funbit.
Size 10MB
Latest Version
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Category Action
Price FREE

Special Agent CyberDuck is a fun classic platformer game that you shouldn’t miss. Join the game, you will play the role of a professional agent to fight artificial intelligence enemies. It’s a challenging yet fun fighting journey built on vivid pixel art graphics. Rich challenges with cunning AI opponents will make you unable to sit still. You will fight them with your weapons and strategy, and with your agility and luck. Show the true talent of an agent as you navigate the streets filled with enemies and traps. Jump, run and shoot your way until you find the last place in each level. Don’t hesitate to unlock new agents and powerful weapons to go far.

Introduce about Special Agent CyberDuck – The classic battle journey on pixel art!

Get ready to play as a CyberDuck agent and complete your missions. The game has an interesting situation in which you are a part. An artificial intelligence called Rogue AI has escaped and infiltrated the Internet. It has colluded with the world’s most dangerous criminal organization and spread fear in every corner of the globe. Now it is a GOD BOT possessing the right to lead a large army of minions. Stop them before your city loses control of all areas. Your journey will include many successive stages. At each stage, you have to overcome unpredictable challenges in order to progress unceasingly.


Show off your skills and strategies

Basically, the game is a classic platformer game. You will control your agent through chaotic levels with lightning speed. Your enemies are treacherous terrains, unpredictable traps, and of course dozens of robots, robots, tanks, and criminals. They have unique combat mechanics and are enough to make it difficult for you along the way. You have to destroy them all to get to the last point in each level, thereby unlocking a new journey. Moreover, don’t miss the loot or rescue the hostages on your way. The challenges are getting more and more difficult, you must be the most skilled and professional agent to survive and complete the noble mission.

The character control mechanism is quite simple, so you can get to it quickly. Specifically, you just need to click on the icons on the screen to move forward, backward, jump and shoot. However, you need to know how to coordinate actions to overcome obstacles. Also, take advantage of the unique terrain and mechanics along the way to your advantage. Automatic stairs will take you up or down easily or bombs help you destroy opponents quickly with an explosion. Depending on the battlefield situation, you can also switch between weapons. Different gases will give you the edge in dynamic battles.


Unlock new characters, weapons, and areas

Don’t hesitate to refresh your fighting adventure with unique characters in Special Agent CyberDuck. There are dozens of agents with funny faces that will delight you, such as ducks, rabbits, pigs, chickens, dinosaurs, and more. They are also designed with hats, backpacks, bags, and super weird outfits. While there are no special skills, these exciting agents will make your journey more fun than ever. Besides, to make them stronger, you need to equip them with weapons. There are dozens of guns with their own parameters of damage, rate of fire, and range. You can carry multiple guns at the same time to alternate use.

Besides, your journey can extend to many different areas. You’ll pass through the bustling streets of downtown, suburbs, abandoned factories, processing facilities, and more. Each area has its own terrain and enemy system, creating a variety of tactics and landscapes. Therefore, play hard to unlock new places and discover unprecedented challenges. Robots to tanks, ferocious dogs, dangerous criminals, and more will be everywhere you go.


Classic design but impressive

The outstanding feature of this game is the pixel design style. It evokes a classic feeling like the platformer games that were super hot before. Character images and movements in the game are also very smooth. Combat effects come to life from the table, plus realistic sounds from shootings, exploding bombs, tank engine sounds, and more. The game context changes flexibly through the levels, creating something new in each level.

So, if you are ready, now is the time to join Special Agent CyberDuck. An exciting battle adventure is waiting for you ahead. Control your humorous agent through obstacles and enemies to fulfill humanity’s noble mission. Jump and shoot the way you want to show off your abilities here.

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