Space Raiders RPG 4.1 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems, Unlocked APK
Space Raiders RPG MOD APK 4.1

Space Raiders RPG 4.1 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems, Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Space Raiders RPG
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher GEEK GAMES
Size 91MB
Latest Version 4.1
MOD Menu, Unlimited money gems, Unlocked
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE

It belongs to the genre of RPG role-playing games. Space Raiders RPG game opens up fascinating adventures. Taking place on stars, and planets in vast space. Wars between astronauts, robots, and alien monsters take place regularly. The gameplay is built in a turn-based tactical style. Along with the stories told will unfold the unknown mystery. Through the superspace, travel to explore the planets. Also has the opportunity to collect resources such as ores and organic matter. The game recreates a large superspace. Careful attention to even the smallest details. With a combination of vivid 3D graphics. A mixed comic style is described in the conversations.

Introduce about Space Raiders RPG – Space Adventure To Fight Strange Creatures!

The beginning of the story of Space Raiders RPG in a painting style. Scientists and leaders of the Earth received signals from space. Received communications from aliens. After the meeting took place, to find out about the appearance of the uninvited. They recommended brain surgery for humans. Through it to transplant the parasites, and help humanity more advanced. Looking forward to cooperating and developing with Earth. However, this secret information was quickly known to everyone in the world. They see this as an inhuman conspiracy. Should have protested together, blocking the government and scientists agree. At the same time, they want the uninvited to leave Earth.Space Raiders RPG

Conspiracy to invade Earth

Continuation of the story of the game Space Raiders RPG. After an unsuccessful offer to cooperate with Earth. The aliens have returned to their planet. But with that comes a plot to invade. Realizing danger will come to Earth at any moment. Because the attack of the aliens will soon take place. To prevent that, world leaders directed a spaceship. Enter the vast space to perform the mission. Operated by astronauts, aiming to destroy enemies before they hit the Earth. Join the game, you will play the role of a leader. Fight with aliens, and stop the plot to implant parasites on the human brain.Introduce about Space Raiders RPG

Mission by story

The mission of Space Raiders RPG is very unique. Space travel with tough challenges. Through stories that take place on different planets. With the appearance of strange creatures. At the same time will have the opportunity to chat with aliens. The battle will take place according to each required mission. Each mission follows an interesting story. To be able to continue the adventure in space. Perform tasks assigned by leaders. Stop the alien attack. You need to shape the content of each story. Choose the correct answer to achieve excellent results. It is then possible to continue the quest to start a new story. With increasing difficulty, making you more focused.Game Space Raiders RPG

The battle is turn-based

Based on the gameplay of Space Raiders RPG. Battles are turn-based. Through the battle between the astronaut team and the aliens. One by one, each member of the astronaut team will attack. They use skills to deal damage to enemies. In the process, you need to choose a goal. After the attack on the astronaut team members ended. The alien force will attack in turn in the same way. Each battle will last until the force of either team is completely defeated. The remaining team will win and end the battle. To be the winning team requires your strategy. Move the astronauts’ standing positions to match the current situation. Combine upgrades to increase strength.Tai Space Raiders RPG

In addition to the mission to fight with creatures and aliens in Space Raiders RPG. You need to collect resources to hoard. Through the control of the giant mining machine. Collect ore and organic matter. They appear in many different locations. To store large quantities, you need to control the machine flexibly. Pick up quickly and accurately to gather resources. It can then be used for crafting. Upgrade and handle the spaceship’s converter. Increase the ability to operate in space to make the adventure go more smoothly. As well as enhancing the ability to make the ship work better.

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