Snow Drift 1.0.31 MOD Shopping Without Money, Unlocked All Cars APK
Snow Drift MOD APK 1.0.31

Snow Drift 1.0.31 MOD Shopping Without Money, Unlocked All Cars APK

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Do drift driving missions to destroy and clear layers of snow easily with unprecedented experiences in the latest Snow Drift MOD APK 1.0.31 from LMHAPKSS. Now you can buy everything 100% free without having to earn money or recharge the game, buying whatever you like is extremely simple. In particular, all car models have been unlocked, you just need to choose the car you want and start your snow cleaning mission.
Name Snow Drift
Requires Android 7.0
PublisherSayGames Ltd
Latest Version1.0.31
MOD Free Shopping, Unlocked All Cars
Price FREE

Snow Drift opens the drift-driving mission to break the snow layers on the road. This is a game in the racing game category of the publisher SayGames Ltd. When participating, you will become a racer to control the vehicle to perform the task. Through the top-down perspective, it will bring an intuitive and overall observation. Along with that is a combination of simple control mechanisms to operate and navigate. Based on the story of the game will perform missions in each level. A series of challenges to break the ice and snow on the road are waiting ahead. From there, there is also the opportunity to unlock new uniquely designed vehicles. Moreover, the system also uses sharp 3D graphics. Recreate realistic surroundings.

Snow Drift – Drift Driving On The Road To Clear Snow Layers!

Promises to open up interesting car races when participating in the game. Accordingly, you will use the familiar joystick control mechanism. Through touching, holding, and swiping to navigate the vehicle on the road. From there perform adventurous drifting techniques to drift. In order to create an impact on the dense layers of ice that appear to break them up. In general, the control mechanism is designed in a simple way. You only need one finger to control the vehicle operating on the road. However, completing the task of clearing the ice layer is not easy at all. Because it also requires skill and experience in the process of driving.Snow Drift

Level-by-level quests and bonuses

Follow the story of clearing the snow on the streets for level missions. At each level opens a traffic area that is covered by thick layers of snow, making the transportation system difficult. You are now tasked with driving a drift vehicle to impact the snow. Thereby causing them to break up to bring ventilation to the roads. Accordingly, it will have to clear the entire layer of snow to complete the task. At the same time through the implementation process will earn a large number of gold coins to accumulate.

Drift driving process to perform a mission at each level. Every time you break the snow, you will get gold coins. Accordingly, you will receive a more significant amount of money when breaking dense snow with a wider radius. Or at a certain stage, there is also the appearance of a snowman. After breaking will get a lot of money to accumulate.Game Snow Drift

Many changes when reaching new levels

Every time come to the next level of Snow Drift. Continue on drift driving mission to break snow layers. The difficulty will increase with more difficult challenges to overcome. Accordingly, the range of snow layers will be larger than before. As well as the environment opens up in various traffic areas. Especially at higher levels, the task will be divided into stages. After completing a set, a giant magnet will attract your vehicle to a new area. Complete each task in turn until you pass the stages. Only then can you complete the mission in a level of play? At the same time, the amount received during the implementation process also increased.Snow Drift

Multiple traffic areas with obstacles

From the levels taking place will be the driver performing missions in many traffic areas. The difference is shown in the road surface conditions with different colors. Along with the appearance of obstacles on the road. This makes it possible for you to be in an accident if you hit it. Or end up drifting and not being able to control the vehicle. Some obstacles such as large rocks and trees appear in the middle of the road. There is much more to be learned when participating in the game. Complete each mission in turn to reach new levels. Gradually there will be an opportunity to explore different traffic areas.Tai Snow Drift

Snow Drift game offers many vehicles. Start from a two-seater car to get free unlock. Later can use the money earned from performing tasks. Then buy in the store to own many new vehicles. For example, large-capacity sports cars, supercars, pickup trucks, farm trailers, hot dogs,… and many others. Each vehicle is uniquely designed. The difference is shown in the exterior and default paint color. At the same time, the performance of each vehicle will not be the same.

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