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SnappleMOD APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Snapple
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Ocean Joy
Size 42MB
Latest Version
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE

Snapple is built between the appearance of a snake and a red apple. This is a puzzle game, that requires brain movement. Unlock a series of interesting missions at each level. With a simple control mechanism, use the arrow keys to perform. Combine vivid and bright graphics. Create a beautiful background in cartoon style. Here, is the story of a snake with goofy eyes. On your way through the terrain to collect red apples. From there, develop a longer body size. At the same time, the ultimate goal is the black hole. Through that to return home, the mission will be completed. This game is completely free to play. Especially without a network connection, can be played in offline mode.

Introduce about Snapple – Help the Snake Eat a Red Apple and Return Home!

Based on the story told at the beginning of Snapple. You can play the game for free as soon as you download it. Join to complete the quest at each level. Each challenge corresponds to a level of play. Opens up in rough and complex terrain. Use the provided control system. Move the snake according to your creativity. The objective is to collect red apples that appear randomly at a location. Increase snake body length size. Then continue to move to find the black hole. As soon as you enter it will help the snake to return home. Meaning the challenge will end, and complete the mission on one level. This is a fairly simple game. There will not be any rewards or money received upon completion. Because the game focuses on entertainment with interesting puzzles.Snapple

The increasing difficulty, puzzle skills

Right after completing a challenge in Snapple. You can continue to step into a new level of play. The terrain designed in the environment will change. With more complexity than before, expressed through the arrangement of the walls in a unique style. This makes it difficult to control the snake to move. Not only that, the location of the red apple and the black hole is also changed. Create challenging puzzles that you have to face. But that is what makes for a better experience. Because every player will have to exercise their brains. Combination of topographic and environmental observations. Create a snake’s path to be able to cross the terrain. From there, you can eat a red apple and increase your length. Continue the journey to return home, through the black hole.Game Snapple

The first stage, the obstacle

In the early stages of Snapple with simple puzzles. The terrain is designed not to be too complicated for you to cross. Control the snake to move to complete the task quickly. But the difficulty will increase gradually each time you step into new levels. Not only the topography and appearance of the apple but the black hole are also changed. But there are more obstacles and dangerous traps. Those are the sharp spikes. If you do not move carefully, the snake will fall into it. This means death will be shown. The mission failed and it took more time to play again. Here, the game also offers a re-spin feature. You can use it to replay the wrong move. For example, going into a dead end and being unable to continue moving to reach the black hole.Ear Snapple

Control system

The control interface of Snapple is quite simple. Use the arrow keys to control the snake. With 4 arrows, corresponding to 4 directions. Help control left, right, and up, down. Rely on your creativity to incorporate the control system. Move the snake in different styles. From there, it is possible to overcome difficult terrain. Avoid deadly traps. Besides, the system provides two more features. Displayed as a special icon. Inverted circular arrow with green color. Using it will help you to replay the current level. Or the light bulb with the yellow color, this is a suggestion. Can be used when encountering some difficult puzzles that cannot be solved.Introduce about Snapple

Through interesting puzzles in Snapple. Revolving around the action of controlling the snake to move to collect red apples. It’s like going to a black hole to return home. The game’s sound system is shown throughout the process. With fun music melodies, and exciting sound combinations after winning. Make you feel more excited. Not stopping there, the graphics are also simulated vividly. With sharp image quality and a bright environment. The shape of the snake is cartoon style. Bring an extremely interesting experience when participating.

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