Smashy Duo 5.3.4 MOD Anti Cheat, Unlimited Coins, Unlim, Tickets, Upgradable Power-Ups APK
Smashy Duo MOD APK 5.3.4

Smashy Duo 5.3.4 MOD Anti Cheat, Unlimited Coins, Unlim, Tickets, Upgradable Power-Ups APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Smashy Duo
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherBig Frost Games
Latest Version5.3.4
MOD Anti Cheat, Unlimited Coins, Unlim, Tickets, Upgradable Power-Ups
Price FREE

Smashy Duo is a game in the category of action games. Built-in arcade-style content. Revolves attacking monsters, knocking enemies to increase kills. As the fast-paced mechanics unfold, you will control both heroes at the same time. Take on the task of slaying fearsome monsters in different battles. Here, the game is inspired by the sport of tennis. Heroes will use equipped weapons to attack from a distance. Then continue to perform counter-action when the previously used object returns. Thereby dealing damage to the enemy to make them destroyed. Ready to participate in the matches, you will have to follow the game’s rules.

Smashy Duo – Fight Monsters With Heroes!

The gameplay that takes place in each battle against monsters is reproduced very interestingly. You will accompany two heroes in a fight. They will use the equipped weapon to impact a turn-based object. Depending on the hero will use different objects. For example tennis balls, rocks, darts, baseballs, and more. After each impact on the object attack the mob of monsters. The object will return in a random direction. The two heroes will stand side by side. Your task just needs to touch the hero on the left or right. From there use weapons to continue to impact and perform actions to attack the enemy.Smashy Duo

Story mode

Take part in the match according to the game’s plot. Randomly selected to accompany two heroes. Join them to fight the mobs of monsters that are blocked by the fence. The mission is to destroy them with as many numbers as possible. Rely on your observation skills and judgment to execute each attack in turn. After each kill, a monster will increase the score on the progress bar. When maxed will double attack speed, this time will defeat more enemies. But also makes it easy for the hero to lose his life. Because in a story war, the match will last until one of the heroes loses his life. Through your selection, choosing the wrong one will cause the hero to counter his own attack.Tai Smashy Duo

Many tasks to do

The mission system in the game Smashy Duo is very diverse. For example, kill 6 gold monsters, and kill 50 normal monsters. Or accompany the hero of fortune and luck. Experiencing battles against monsters in game modes. Complete each task given by the system in turn. From there will receive many valuable rewards. For example gold coins, moreover, unlock new heroes. Accordingly, after completing the tasks and receiving rewards. It takes a certain amount of time for the system to update the new task.Game Smashy Duo

Campaign mode

Test your skills with heroes in campaign mode. With more than 50 challenging levels waiting ahead. In each level opens a war against the hordes of monsters beyond the fence. The attack mechanism remains the same as in the story mode. But here the heroes will have to destroy the enemy with the specified number. Only by wiping them out can victory and mission be complete. At the same time, receive a bonus corresponding to the achievement achieved at the participating level.

Going through level-based battles will have the opportunity to explore many different environments. For example on the roads in the city center. Metal scrap yards and frozen snow. In each setting, the landscape is simulated differently, expressed through battle locations, and climatic and weather conditions. The appearance of enemies in each environment will be different.Smashy Duo

Many monsters and bosses

In locations on the roads will have to face scary zombies. On the ice and snow, there will be goblins. Or in the metal scrap yard, the heroes will have to fight the robots. Not stopping there, when you reach a certain level, you still have to face monster bosses. Not only are they large in size, but their ability to surpass normal enemies is reflected in their stamina and health.

At Smashy Duo there are 100 different heroes to accompany you. Each hero is shaped in its own style, expressed through appearance and appearance. Accordingly, the heroes are inspired by many sports players or characters. For example soccer, basketball, tennis, ninja, superman, and many more. Each hero performs attacks from various objects to destroy monsters. For example, soccer heroes will attack with specialized balls or ninjas will throw darts.

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