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Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Requires Android 2.3
Publisher Lowtech Studios
Size 17MB
Latest Version 1.8.5
MOD Unlocked
Category Action
Price FREE

The action game promises to bring exciting moments of entertainment. This is a game that combines online gameplay. The content revolves around the hunt for worms. Open multiplayer hunts. You will be competing with them through the control of the worm. Slither in a dark environment to collect food. At the same time try to kill other prey. By making them run into you. Here, despite the small size itself, there is still a chance to win. Don’t be afraid of any larger worm. Because even so, if you hit your body, it will still explode. Besides, you will enjoy vivid graphics. With impressive environmental effects. With fun background music. To bring the best entertainment experience to everyone.

Introduce about – The Hunt of Worms in Competitive e!

The gameplay of is quite simple. You will control the worm to participate in the hunt. Based on the online multiplayer mode. Will be competing in the hunt for up to 10 people. They are all online players, coming from all over the world. Each player controls their own worm. Will find people to destroy opponents. Lead the worm to survive until the end. Through that will win with excellent performance. To win against the remaining players. You have no choice but to constantly improve your skills. Control the worm to slither to dodge opponents. Also, find a way to get them to touch their bodies. After winning prove yourself. Can continue to enter a new

During the hunt

The process of hunting in Based on the open gameplay used by the system. The worms can crawl freely in the environment. Move anywhere to develop yourself. Colorful spots are a source of food. They appear scattered everywhere to collect. Do not stop hunting to accumulate, thereby growing the body size. Helping your worm to get bigger, in turn, will bring many advantages. But absolutely do not touch the body of any other worm. No matter how big or small they are. That will cause your worm to explode. Conversely, cause the opponent to explode when touching the body of the worm that you are controlling. At the same time, all food sources will appear. Help you collect large quantities to continue to grow bigger.Introduce about

Skills and experience

To rise to become the last surviving worm. Win against other online players in ‘s hunt. You have no choice but to improve your skills. Constantly gaining experience in the hunting journey. Although the gameplay is simple, it is quite difficult to win. Because every competitor involved is an online player. They will have a strategy, their own way of playing. Therefore, throughout the hunting process. Flexible observation is required to detect rival worms. As well as handling the situation flexibly when they try to attack. The example takes advantage of the larger size to revolve around you. Limit the space to move to touch their body. From there will be blown up and lose, creating food for other opponents.Game

Various types of worms

Through hunting in There are many different species of worms for you to learn about. The difference between them is shown by color. For example, blue, red, and brown,… At the same time, the body follows many unique designs. Especially owning the first part with funny expressions. However, that doesn’t affect the gameplay either. As introduced earlier, during the hunt. Whether large or small, they will explode when touching the opponent’s body. Although owning a larger size will create many advantages. But if there is no skill, it will still cause the worm to explode. It will then create a food source for other worms.Tai

The graphics of are simulated in 3D. Based on that to recreate the lively space. Along with sharp image quality. The shape of the worms is also impressively designed by the system. Create interesting observations during the crawl. Along with the light effect shown through the food spots. Combine dark environment, and create a vivid landscape. Along with that are the background music that is played throughout the hunting process. Add more enjoyment for a better experience.

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