Sling Drift 4.14 MOD Unlock All Vehicles APK
Sling Drift MOD APK 4.14

Sling Drift 4.14 MOD Unlock All Vehicles APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Sling Drift
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher tastypill
Size 48MB
Latest Version 4.14
MOD Unlock All Vehicles
Category Action
Price FREE

Inspired by high-speed drift racing through bends. The publisher tasty pill has built it into a Sling Drift game. The content of the game is designed around the theme of driving dangerous drifting techniques. But optimized gameplay and control mechanisms to bring a simple experience. However, it will promise to bring interesting races for you to enjoy. Here role-playing as a racer to control his vehicle. Mission to move through turns and bends at high speed. Simultaneously overcome the obstacles on the way to go as far as possible. The goal is to collect valuable diamonds at each stage. From there accumulate to use in trading activities.

Download Sling Drift MOD APK – Drift Drive Through Curves At High Speed

Played in offline mode with fun arcade-style features. The races revolved around the activity of drifting through the bends. Here you have no competitors, nor the opportunity to test the performance of the racing car. Instead, you will prove your skills through challenging turns. Aim to travel as far as possible. Shown through the scores in the bends and obstacles passed. At the same time, many different tasks must be performed specifically given by the system. How many bends will you pass? Is it possible to surpass one’s own achievements previously achieved? Everything is based on individual skills.Game Sling Drift

Driving mechanism

Based on the simple control mechanism designed by the game. Just with tap and hold to drift driving. Accordingly, in the bends, there will be yellow dots displayed. As soon as you touch and hold, the vehicle will create a rope to cling to. From there will perform the drift technique to drift at high speed. After releasing the hand will end the drift action and the car will automatically move straight ahead. Overall, the driving mechanism is designed to be intuitive, making it easy to use. However, to be able to overcome the bends and achieve high achievements is not easy at all. Because that also depends on skill, choosing the right time to drive to continue the race.Tai Sling Drift

The gameplay takes place

The process of the race in the game Sling Drift. After each passes a bend and obstacle, the score will increase. Moreover, it is possible to increase the score even more after performing a perfect drift. Pass each bend in turn to a certain stage. Then there will be the opportunity to collect valuable diamonds. They appear on a straight road, and the car will automatically increase speed on that segment and collect. The environment will then be changed, opening in a different context. The race will last until your vehicle collides with the terrain.Sling Operation

Challenge increased

Continue drifting race after coming to a new environment. The difficulty will increase with more bends to pass. Especially the design of the terrain at each turn will bring more challenges. Because you may have to drift through sharp turns. Even have to rotate 360 ​​degrees to be able to move forward. Or 180 degrees drift and even hidden corners. This presents a huge challenge. Because if you do not focus or do not choose the correct position on the road to perform drift techniques. That will cause the car to collide with the terrain and cause the race to end.

Specific missions

Through the race, there are also many different tasks to perform. The system provides a list of specific tasks that need to be completed. For example, successfully do 10 drifts through the bends. Reach a total score of 25 or more in a race. Or do 3 consecutive perfect drifts on the road. There are many other challenges that will be given in turn after each completion. Accordingly, you will receive rewards corresponding to the difficulty of each task.Download Sling Drift

In the game Sling Drift there are many different racing cars. From there, you can change to increase the experience during the game. When starting out, the system will provide a free car with yellow paint. Later you can unlock sports cars, supercars, and even F1 racing cars. The difference between them is shown by the default paint color. As well as a unique design in the style of a toy model. Accordingly, to unlock your favorite racing car will have to use diamonds.

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