Sky Force 2014 1.48 MOD Unlimited Stars APK
Sky Force 2014 MOD APK 1.48

Sky Force 2014 1.48 MOD Unlimited Stars APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Sky Force 2014
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Infinite Dreams
Size 121MB
Latest Version 1.48
MOD Unlimited Stars
Category Action
Price FREE

Get ready to participate in the war of shooting planes in the game Sky Force 2014. Follow the action shooting gameplay that takes place in the wars. Your mission is to fend off waves of attacks from enemy forces. Through the fierce survival competition in the vast sky. Here you will play the role of a pilot to control the fighter plane. Equipped with weapons and firepower to carry out the task of destroying the enemy. Through it will have the opportunity to challenge my survival skills. How many attacks can you get through? Is it possible to fight the enemy army force to complete the mission? Everything is based on skill and experience. Because there will be no support from any allies.

Introduce about Sky Force 2014 – Control Fighters Against Enemy Forces!

According to the plane shooting mechanism that takes place in the war. The system is intuitively designed for your ease of use. Just tap and swipe on the mobile screen to control the plane. Can move freely in different directions to attack enemies. As well as dodging bullets and fire from the enemy. Accordingly, your aircraft will automatically fire to attack. Even when moving, the fire system will still fire on its own. More specifically, the control mechanism is designed virtually. You can touch it anywhere on the screen to control it. This will help to focus more on fierce battles.Sky Force 2014

The process of fighting

The process air battle between the planes was very fierce. Follow the shooting gameplay to perform the survival mission. In the role of a pilot, take on a mission to operate the fighter jet forward. There will be many waves of attacks from the enemy. They appear from many directions and fly directly, and will discharge bullets to attack. There was no choice but to destroy, only by wiping out each wave of enemy planes could further progress be possible. Achievement will be expressed in points, based on the journey and the number of enemies shot down. From there, the score will continue to increase.Game Sky Force 2014

Specific tasks to be performed

Control the fighter in Sky Force 2014. There will be many different tasks to perform. For example, destroy waves of incoming enemy aircraft. Rescue hearts on islands in the seas. Fight enemy warships on the sea or attack to destroy bosses in several stages. There are many other quests that will be opened one after another after each completed mission. Through that will receive additional rewards to be able to enhance their ability. Improve the aircraft’s attack system to be able to continue the journey. Aim to overcome difficult challenges to be able to fulfill the mission of a pilot.Tai Sky Force 2014

Tasks in stages

The mission system will take place in stages. Each stage will be given specific conditions that need to be completed. For example, rescue hostages with a specific number, kill 100% of the enemy force, or counter 10% of the enemies. Moreover, it requires ending the fight and not causing damage to your aircraft. The difficulty of the mission will increase when reaching the new stage. More difficult challenges will be given by the system. Requires skill and experience in aircraft operation.

After finishing a fight, the achievement will be shown through the score. Through various information including the number of hostages successfully rescued. The number of enemy units destroyed and the percentage of stars collected.Introduce about Sky Force 2014

Against multiple enemy units

In the war against enemy army forces. You will face attacks from many different units. These are aircraft equipped with advanced attack systems. For example, helicopters, fighter planes, cargo planes,… much more. Not only that but sometimes faced with fire from warships operating on the sea surface. Each unit will attack in its own style, they can not only fire from a distance, but can also fly in for direct impact. Simultaneously appear from many sides and fly in an unknown route.

To enhance the power of the plane in Sky Force 2014. You can use the number of stars collected from the battles. From there, upgrade the aircraft’s parts to improve combat ability. Includes power-ups, cannons, magnets, lasers, missiles, energy shields, and mega homes. Each division will consume a different number of stars. But when upgraded, it will increase the stats to be effective in the next battles.

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