Skip school 3.8.8 MOD Remove Ads APK
Skip school - escape game MOD APK 3.8.8

Skip school 3.8.8 MOD Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Skip school - escape game
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Eureka Studio
Size 85MB
Latest Version 3.8.8
MOD No Ads
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Build fun school-themed content. The game Skip school opens up fun missions. With a described storyline that is extremely attractive. Create different challenges to be discovered. The game belongs to the arcade entertainment genre. Combines puzzle elements with school activities. Revolving around running away from the teacher to skip the subjects. The gameplay is quite simple, you will receive unique items. Find a way to use them, so that you can escape the teacher’s pursuit. Through that, it can be seen that this is a mysterious escape game. With some features are used to increase the experience. A lot of different items are provided by the system. The challenge increases with each level of play. The mechanism of action is simple, but it challenges the brain.

Introduce about Skip School – Find a Way to Hide and Escape from the Superintendent!

The content of Skip school is unfolded according to an interesting storyline. Set in a teaching school. Revolving around students’ skipping activities. With the appearance of an uncle. I feel like I love being a teacher. The uncle had put aside all his busy work. Since then, she has decided to become a teacher and a supervisor. Every day at the school, the uncle will go to check the learning activities of the students. Discover their laziness. At the same time, always find a way to skip class to do other things. Don’t let that continue in schools. The uncle had begun to carry out deterrence punishments. Scared students, but always found a way to avoid school. A challenging journey will be taking place, with the goal of escaping the pursuit of the warden.Skip school

Mission by challenge

Based on the plot of the game Skip school. The mission system is played out according to each game screen. Each level corresponds to a different level. Become a bad student in school. You will have to find a way to escape from the pursuit of the warden. Through puzzles, and activities to be able to hide. Outwit the warden to complete the challenge. From there will complete the task on a game screen. Soon will be a step to the next level. The difficulty of each challenge will gradually increase each time a new mission is started. Circumstances will be changed, and at the same time will be moved to another topic. Make it difficult for you to find the correct answer. If unfortunately caught by the supervisor, the mission failed. Will have to replay that level until it’s done.Tai Skip School

Use the provided items

In the process of performing truancy activities to escape the superintendent at Skip school. You will have to search for different items on each level. Depending on the task involved and the situation is reproduced. From there will find items to be able to use. Hide or disguise yourself as someone else to fool the eye. Easily escape the pursuit of the warden. For example, look for a straw hat to transform into a scarecrow in a tomato field. Carry a bucket of water to become a janitor. Use the sprinkler to trick the warden into entering, making yourself cold. Or use the collected chair to attack a model. Then continue to use the chair to change the style of the model. When the superintendent runs over, he will not be able to detect the abnormality.Game Skip school

Improve your brain to find the answer

A variety of different items to use in each context of Skip school. Each item will have its own uses. You need to observe the current situation. Then think and apply logic. Take action to be able to escape the pursuit of the superintendent. Since then successfully trudged to school to complete the challenge. Start the mission in the first level. After being caught by the supervisor, skipping PE class to read a story. You will have to run away and hide behind the statue in the school. Continue to the second level with increased difficulty. Take advantage of the sports shirt to join the school basketball team. Take turns to complete each task. Overcome difficult challenges. Require your intelligence to solve puzzles in the fastest way.Introduce about Skip school

Go through each challenge with increasing difficulty in Skip school. Sometimes you won’t be able to find the most accurate answer. Because the puzzle is too difficult to complete. Despite carefully observing the surroundings. As well as using collected items to hide. But still being discovered by the supervisor. Cause the task to fail repeatedly and not be able to find the final answer. At this point can use suggestions from the system. You will then be provided with answers for your implementation. Complete the mission to continue to the new challenge.

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