Skid Rally 1.028 MOD Lots of Money APK
Skid Rally MOD APK 1.028

Skid Rally 1.028 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name Skid Rally
Requires Android 7.0
PublisherMamboo Games
Latest Version1.028
MOD Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Are your skills enough to operate a car on the road? Feel free to experiment with the game modes of Skid Rally. This is a game in the racing category with many unique features. It is also completely free to play offline. When participating, you can choose from many different races. As well as customizing environmental conditions takes place during the day, evening, and night. The controls are customizable to suit your own playstyle. For example automatic braking, automatic throttle assist, and much more. Besides, the graphics are designed based on a 2D platform. With image quality is not too sharp and realistic. But it also meets the needs of players when participating.

Skid Rally – Drive Racing In Various es To Show Your Skills!

The game owns a diverse vehicle collection. There are many different racing cars waiting to be discovered. They are cars, sedans, monster trucks, sports cars, and supercars. There are many templates that are designed based on reality. Shown through size, exterior paint color, style, and performance. But to own a new car needs to use the money to buy. Then you can customize the car with many different options. For example, install the front bumper, rear bumper, bonnet, roof, spoiler, and tires. These components not only change the vehicle’s appearance but also increase the dynamics. Besides, the difference between cars is also evaluated through parameters. Includes acceleration, controllability, and stability.Skid Rally

Real-time mode

Get ready to participate in the races in time mode. In each race, the system will give a specific time. Accordingly, you will have to drive on the road and overcome bends and turns. Here, there will not be any competitors, who will drive alone through the roads. Aim to reach the finish line as soon as possible. If it is not possible to complete the journey before the time ends. Then the mission will fail and not achieve excellent results.Tai Skid Rally

Competitive mode 1vs1

Come to competitive mode in the game Skid Rally. According to the competitive racing mechanism 1vs1. You will be with another opponent to control the vehicle on a well-designed road. Show your skills to speed up to overtake your opponents. As well as leaving them behind and moving towards the finish line. To win will have to finish with the top position. From there will receive valuable bonuses to accumulate. Then you can continue to the next race and compete with many other riders.

Gearshift mode

Test your flexibility in the process of driving the car in gearshift mode. Driving a vehicle using a manual transmission on a journey. Starting from the starting line and starting from number 1. Press the accelerator to move, when the car has enough speed and rpm to shift to the appropriate gear. Shift gears in turn according to vehicle speed. At the same time make sure the car accelerates as fast as possible. The goal is to reach the finish line with the lead to be able to finish a race.Skid Rally APK

Drift mode

Perform risky techniques in the game’s drift race. Here you will have no competitors on the road. Will drive in real-time through winding roads. Aim for drift driving to get achievement points. Can drift through sharp turns and turns at high speed. Or even drift on straight stretches. According to the countdown to 0, the achievement will be based on the number of points achieved.

Gymkhana mode

Challenge your skills in Gymkhana mode. Open races that require high precision. It requires your flexible control and experience. At the same time must constantly improve over time to drive better. Here you will have to pass the tracks that follow the trajectory. But absolutely do not collide with obstacles. As well as impacting the terrain, it’s the road divider. Otherwise, there will be a collision and that means an accident.Skid Rally

At Skid Rally, there are many different races for you to experience. Each track is designed with winding terrain and different lengths. For example, the beginner track has a short distance. As well as the small number of bends and turns. Besides, each track is simulated in a different environment. For example in the desert, in the snow and in the forest. It is also possible to choose racing conditions during the day, night or evening.

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