Ski Safari 2 1.5.1279 MOD Unlimited Coins, Shopping Without Money APK
Ski Safari 2 MOD APK 1.5.1279

Ski Safari 2 1.5.1279 MOD Unlimited Coins, Shopping Without Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Ski Safari 2
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Sleepy Z Studios
Size 155MB
Latest Version 1.5.1279
MOD Unlimited Coins, Free Shopping
Category Racing
Price FREE

Received a lot of participation and positive reviews from a large number of players. The publisher has continued to launch the 2nd version of the Ski Safari series. Ski Safari 2 game offers a more engaging experience. With a series of exciting challenges waiting ahead. Many new features are added, to increase the enjoyment for all players. The content revolves around skiing to avoid the engulfment of the blooming snow. An exciting story will be recreated in the game. That process will have to overcome a lot of dangerous obstacles. Face tough and complex terrain. There is a chance to unlock many new ski environments. Discover a variety of skateboards to use. Enjoy branding new 3D graphics. Vivid and sharp picture quality.

Download Ski Safari 2 MOD APK – Adventurous Adventure To Overcome Mountains

Come to the game Ski Safari 2 to enter the adventure. Before that, you could choose to play as one of two characters. It’s the guy Sven and the cute girl Evana. Each character is designed with an impressive appearance. Bring the typical fashion style of the snowy mountains. In addition, the system will provide one of the two skateboards when you first join. Choose a double or single skateboard to use. After becoming a favorite character, use the desired skateboard. Will begin to participate in the adventurous adventure. Compete for achievements with other players. The score achieved will be displayed after the end of the race. Based on that to find out who has the best performance on the chart. The reward received includes stars, up to 3 stars.Ski Safari 2

Mountains with multiple environments

Different from the predecessor version of the game Ski Safari 2. There are different environments for you to explore. Includes snow-capped mountains, and volcanic environments with lava eruptions. A barren desert area inhabited by cacti. Scary graveyard with stone graves growing everywhere. Snow environment at night where the Christmas event takes place. It is even possible to explore planets in outer space, with the appearance of flying saucers. These are all mountains with beautiful background designs. Along with the appearance of a lot of dangerous obstacles. The terrain is treacherous and complex, creating many difficulties. At the same time to unlock will need to use money. Through bonuses accumulated from previous adventures. The amount to unlock the environments will not be the same.Tai Ski Safari 2

Vehicles, many animals

The course of the adventure in the mountains at Ski Safari 2. Each location has different types of vehicles to use. Help you overcome the rugged terrain of each mountain to collect stars. Here, the game offers a lot of means to unlock. Includes snowboards, all-terrain sleds, rocket boosters, and rudimentary vehicles crafted from wood and stone. Moreover, there is the support of some animals. They appear during adventurous adventures to overcome the mountains. For example, quails, giant turtles, or even elephants. Similar to unlocking mountains in many other environments. To own new vehicles will need to use gold coins to buy. Each type is impressively designed, with a very unique racing style.Game Ski Safari 2

Challenging terrain, flexible skills

In the adventurous adventure that takes place in Ski Safari 2. Play as a character to perform terrain missions. You will face a lot of obstacles on the way. For example, rocks that appear in a snowy environment. Lava valley in the volcano. There are many other challenges that stand in the way. The terrain is bumpy and has many dangerous traps. In advance will be warned so you can prepare in advance. For example, an earthquake occurs with high intensity. Or mountain landslides will make it difficult during the adventure. To be able to pass will need to use flexibility skills. Observe the terrain ahead and heed the warnings. From there, quickly handle dangerous situations to continue the adventure. Complete challenges to get attractive rewards.Download Ski Safari 2

The mountains in Ski Safari 2 have many different missions. Each completed mission will gain a star. Through adventurous challenges are played out. After finishing an adventure will get up to 3 stars. There are some missions such as smashing 3 rocks and catching 2 penguins. Jump 80 meters high, and perform a 360-degree swing action in the air. Jump back and forth to create stunts, and achieve bronze medals. There are many other tasks to perform. Complete each challenge in turn to accumulate a large number of stars. That will prove your skills.

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