Silly Royale 1.26.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems, Unlocked Skins APK
Silly Royale MOD APK 1.26.0

Silly Royale 1.26.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems, Unlocked Skins APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Silly Royale
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher SuperGaming
Size 102MB
Latest Version 1.26.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited money gems, Unlocked Skins
Category Action
Price FREE

Silly Royale is a fun action game inspired by the hit game Among Us. It offers many interesting modes for you to play with your friends and hunt for great rewards in the game. If you love debates, this is the place to do it. Dress up as a police officer to catch criminals or try to run away from crazy cops. Become a smart silly to find a way out of the long-term haunted, or you will be the devil trying to keep the silly. Many other fun experiences will keep you hooked for a long time. Don’t play alone, connect with other players to set up multiplayer levels. Interact with your friends with chat or drop emojis and make chats fun. Are you ready to explore?

Silly Royale – Funny debates with friends!

Surely everyone has heard of the game Among Us, but what about Silly Royale? It is considered an upgraded version of the original game because it possesses more modes and has many unique new features. Moreover, the images in the game bring beauty close and fun, suitable for the interests of the majority of gamers. Anyone can play and interact with friends online while enjoying the modes. This game does not place too much emphasis on achievements, fun is the most important thing. The gameplay is also super easy, just click to do quests, chat, and debate… However, you also need a little wisdom and cunning to win. Try out the levels to see who is the smartest among your friends.


Many fun modes to play all the time

The game has 3 typical modes. Let’s take a look at those modes now.

Jail Break: A mode inspired by real-life police work. There, you and the other players will join two different teams, one is a policeman and the other is a bandit. The duty of the police is to chase the robbers to make them to jail. Meanwhile, the bandits will have to work together to complete the game while dodging the police. The rules of the game are just that, but you need to work with your allies to increase the winning rate.

Murder Mystery: This mode is rated closest to the game Among Us. Players can be either normal Silly or demon-possessed Silly. Each role will have to complete different tasks and compete with each other to win. If you are the normal Silly, you need to complete the small quests inside the ghost castle. Be wary of everyone else because you never know who the fake is. But if you find a killer, assemble a debate to vote and cast out the evil. In contrast, the impostors possessed by evil will seek to kill the rest and evade accusations against them.

Hide N Seek: A classic gameplay in Silly Royale that everyone used to play as children. You can be Silly or devil and also have your own quests. Silly will have to run and hide to avoid evil. Meanwhile, the devil will have to find the poor Sillys before time runs out. Make sure there aren’t any Silly left on the map to win. Like the first two modes, this mode also requires cooperation with your allies. Let’s plan together to hide or chase wisely to outrun the enemy.


Character design

If you’re bored with an old character interface, don’t hesitate to unlock some new ones. In the Silly store, you can find an impressive range of skins, allowing you to transform into a bone, a Santa Claus, a mage, a police officer, a diver, a crocodile, and more. In addition, you can buy more accessories such as hats, or design colors for your character. But of course, everything is not free. You need gold or gems to pay for items in the shop.


Interact with friends online

All modes in the game require a connection between players. You can invite your friends from social networks to join the game and set up fun levels. In the game, people can chat with each other through the chat feature. There will even be hundreds of lovely emoticons to use and make every conversation fun. You can know the online status of all your friends to invite them to the game anytime and hunt together for daily rewards.


MOD APK feature implemented of Silly Royale

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited gems

Silly Royale is a great game for entertainment on the phone. You can open it and start a level anytime with your online friends. Choose the mode, set up the team, and enjoy the humorous debates afterward. You can also unlock skins to make your Silly stand out among your friends. Show them off your skins collection to make everyone jealous.

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