Shooting Master: Sniper Game 5.9 MOD Lots of Money APK
Shooting Master: Sniper Game MOD APK 5.9

Shooting Master: Sniper Game 5.9 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (6 hours ago)
Name Shooting Master: Sniper Game
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Timuz Games
Download 44
Size 62MB
Latest Version 5.9
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Shooting Master: Sniper Game is an action shooting game. Accordingly, you will play the role of a sniper to perform different tasks. Through the first-person perspective to use the gun shoots down all the targets. Since then, he has achieved excellent results and won a gold medal. Even more interesting when you can compete with other players for points. Rely on the game’s online mode to solo 1vs1 with another shooter. To increase the experience for all players when participating. The publisher will provide a diverse gun system, including modern sniper rifles. Along with that is the combination of a 3D graphics system and realistic sound quality. Shown through the actual shooting effect every time you fire a bullet to shoot the target.

Shooting Master: Sniper Game – First Person To Perform Sniper Missions!

The shooting mechanism in the game is designed in an intuitive way. In order to bring the simplest and easiest way to use for players. From there, you can focus on aiming to achieve the best results. Accordingly, you will touch the screen to adjust the gun. Combined with a viewfinder capable of magnifying the scope to observe the target at a distance. Once located, simply tap the bullet icon to pull the trigger. As soon as the gun is fired and hit the target, the achievement score will be increased. It can be seen that the control mechanism of the game is very simple. Especially when you are just starting out, you will be provided with detailed instructions for each feature.Shooting Master- Sniper Game

More than 30 levels to play

Perform quests in the game’s offline mode. More than 30 levels are open to challenge your shooting skills. Use the free gun provided to start the mission. At each level, the system will give specific conditions. That is to shoot exactly the required number of targets. Also, achieve the minimum achievement points with the specified number to complete the challenge. In addition, the equipped gun will limit the number of bullets, meaning the number of shots is limited. Requires accurate shooting to hit targets in different locations. After completing the given requirements will pass a level. From there, you will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement achieved.Game Shooting Master- Sniper Game

Achievements through medals

In each level in the offline mode of Shooting Master: Sniper Game. Achievements will be evaluated by the medal system. With three different levels in order bronze, and silver and the highest is gold. Each medal will correspond to the number of achievement points achieved when shooting the target. Accordingly, the amount of the bonus received will correspond to the type of medal you achieve at the level of participation. If you win a gold medal with excellent performance, you will receive more money than other medals. At the same time go to the more difficult levels and still win the gold medal. The amount received will increase greatly.Tai Shooting Master – Sniper Game

Many changes when reaching new levels

The difficulty in each sniper level will increase when it comes to the next mission. Many, changing factors will make it difficult for you to implement. For example, the score conditions and the number of goals will increase even more. Especially the targets that need to be shot will have a change in distance. Instead of being fixed in place to have time to aim and shoot. They will move, rotate, accelerate, and fly to make it difficult for you to target and pull the trigger. This is a huge challenge that makes it difficult for you to complete the task. Requires skill, reflexes, and judgment to hit.

Online mode

Go to online mode to solo 1vs1 with other snipers. The turn-based gameplay takes place during competition. Targets are targets in the shooting range or in different environments. The process of competing between two gunmen to find the champion. After each shot of a target, the distance of the target in the next shot will be longer than before. At the same time, they can move to increase the challenge for you and your opponent. After the end of the limited number of shots, based on the achievement points of both people achieved. Whoever has the higher score wins.Shooting Master- Sniper Game

Possess a diverse sniper gun system to explore. Each gun in Shooting Master: Sniper Game is inspired by real-life prototypes. With realistic design in style and color. The difference between them is expressed through the indicators. Includes range, reload time, rate of fire, and size. Accordingly, you can learn in detail the capabilities of each gun to choose the right weapon. However, to own a new gun will have to unlock it.

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