Shadowmatic 1.5.1 MOD VIP, Unlocked All APK
Shadowmatic MOD APK 1.5.1

Shadowmatic 1.5.1 MOD VIP, Unlocked All APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 day ago)
Name Shadowmatic
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherTriada Studio Games
Latest Version1.5.1
MOD VIP, Unlocked All
Price FREE

Are you looking for an intellectual puzzle game? Shadowmatic is a free game for you with over 100 amazing puzzles designed with creative gameplay. Your task is to complete the picture puzzles by finding the correct shadow of the objects. It’s like the ancient Chinese shadow puppet puzzles, but closer and relaxing. Puzzles are designed in many themes with melodious music and a light atmosphere. Moreover, everything is in 3D, providing the necessary realism and sharpness. So this is really a great game to stimulate your mind and concentration. Let’s explore more about it together now.

Shadowmatic – Creative visual puzzle gameplay!

This game has won awards for its innovative gameplay elements. It is completely different from the puzzle games you have seen like match-3, interactive puzzles, and more. This is where you will find a collection of logic picture puzzles that are both fresh and relatable. It was inspired by shadow puppetry and rendered in a simpler way. At the same time, it is compatible with the mobile platform, allowing you to enjoy it anywhere and anytime. The puzzle system includes more than 100 levels built around 12 themes and environments. They have increasing difficulty but are always close, helping to stir your imagination about everything around. The game also has a leaderboard system for you to compete with friends around the world.


Discover the right pictures

The gameplay of the game is really not too difficult, just touch the screen to play. But to conquer all its puzzles, you must have a super imagination or have the patience to play it many times. Basically, in each puzzle, the game will give strange-shaped objects. Your job is to rotate them in different directions until the correct image is achieved on the projection plane. Your answer must be 100% correct or you have to rotate many times. You can know what you’re correct level through the bright dots on the screen. The more bright dots that appear, the closer you get to the correct result.

In the early stages, everything is not too difficult. You may encounter an object on each level and it only takes a few turns to find the correct result. However, the difficulty of the puzzles will increase gradually through increasing the number of objects. You will have to rotate both objects on one level. Sometimes these two objects have nothing to do with each other. But in some other cases, you need to combine these two objects to get the correct shadow image when reflecting them on a plane. In general, the way to solve puzzles on the game screen is not the same. Everything depends on your creativity and concentration. Or you will use hints to pass the level faster.


Theme and suggestion system

There are more than 12 different environments in Shadowmatic. It highlights logic picture puzzles and gives a new look to the puzzle system. These environments are designed by themes, such as animal world, houses, interiors, sea world, and more. The puzzle system in each topic is also very diverse and close. So you can find your favorite puzzle topic here to enjoy a fun reasoning experience. But of course, the levels on many topics will not be completely free. You’ll have to unlock the rest with an in-app purchase.

If you have trouble solving the puzzle, you can use hints. Each puzzle includes 4 hints. The first and second hints give you a few vague clues. While the remaining hints will tell you the topic and the correct answer to the puzzle. Your job is to rotate the objects to achieve the right image. This is not as difficult as when you start deciphering any puzzle by yourself. However, the suggestion system is not free either. You should think for yourself before unlocking hints for your puzzle.


3D design, relaxing music

The objects in each puzzle are designed on the basis of 3D graphics. Thanks to that, everything looks very realistic and sharp, creating a feeling of closeness. The environment in the puzzles is also very friendly. Music is soothing and melodious, helping to relax the mind and stimulate concentration when solving puzzles. In general, everything is simple but enough to get you excited. And the puzzle system with increasing difficulty makes you even more excited without wanting to stop.

Shadowmatic will not let you down with its dense and creative puzzle system. Test your brain in picture puzzles that are both fun and rewarding. How many puzzles will you pass here? Don’t hesitate to challenge your friends to see who is better. Puzzles with soothing background music will become your favorite spiritual food on your phone.

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