Shadow Slayer 1.2.37 MOD Menu VIP, Full Money, God Mode APK
Shadow Slayer MOD APK 1.2.37

Shadow Slayer 1.2.37 MOD Menu VIP, Full Money, God Mode APK

By Hai Nam April 2, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Shadow Slayer
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher ONDI
Size 400MB
Latest Version 1.2.37
MOD Menu, Full Money, God Mode
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Become a hero in the action game Shadow Slayer of LMHAPKSS. Based on the game’s plot revolving around the invasion attack of the dark army. They constantly launch attacks to dominate the world. Accordingly, you will play the role of a hero to fight against waves of fierce attacks. The goal is to wipe out everything to complete the assigned mission. Joining the game will experience many attractive features provided by the developer. With Anime-style graphic design in a dark space. Combine with sharp image quality to recreate a chaotic world in multiple locations. Besides, there are many other characters to choose to play as. As well as learning combat skills to change diverse attack styles.

Download Shadow Slayer MOD APK – Play as a Hero to Fight to Protect the Land of Foliga

The setting of Shadow Slayer opens in the nowhere land of Foliga. This place used to be a happy and peaceful place for all people to live. But that period of time did not last long before it ended. Because of the appearance of the crowd of corpses and the dark army launched an attack. They constantly launch fierce invasions to gain dominance. That created a war between two factions, humanity and demons. Standing at the edge of impending doom if not stopped in time. Now you will play the role of a hero to carry out your assigned mission. Fight off waves of fierce attacks from enemies to protect the beautiful land of Foliga.Shadow Slayer MOD

Story-based campaign mode

Based on the storyline of Shadow Slayer to perform missions in campaign mode. Unleash the battle in each level with different tasks to perform. At each level you will have to perform 3 specific tasks. At the same time, achievements will be based on the number of stars. If completed successfully, you can achieve a maximum of 3 stars. Accordingly, each star will correspond to a required task. Play as a hero to carry out the mission of fighting against waves of attacks from enemies. Need a flexible combination of skills and weapons to destroy them all. Successfully survive and win to complete the match in a level. Then comes the next level with increased challenge. Missions change and face attacks from enemies more fierce than before.

The rewards received after winning and completing tasks are very diverse. Based on achievements during combat, as well as the difficulty of the mission. From there, you will receive experience points, gold coins, and mixed stones in corresponding amounts. There’s even a chance to receive one of the equipment at random.Game Shadow Slayer MOD

Many game modes

In addition to the campaign mode mentioned above, the game Shadow Slayer opens up many other modes for you to explore. Includes boss raids, endless dungeons, hell towers, and versus mode. Each mode opens up its own themed battles. Requires the hero to perform the required quest after joining. Besides, it should be noted that in each mode, you will have to meet the level requirements to be able to unlock it.

  • Boss mode: Face monsters with outstanding strength and large size.
  • Endless dungeon mode: Fight alone against waves of fierce attacks from countless enemies to survive.
  • Hell Tower Mode: Destroy enemies on each floor to climb to higher floors on the dark tower.
  • Competitive mode: Here the competition between heroes takes place. They will show off their skills to defeat their opponents with the goal of winning.

Download Shadow Slayer MOD

Character system

At Shadow Slayer, you can choose to play the role of many different heroes. They possess different sets of fighting skills and are equipped with different weapons. These include the demon slayer Cedric, the nihilistic witch Mirianne, the royal count Leonard, and more are being updated. The strength of heroes is evaluated through indicators. Includes damage, health, physical defense, magic resistance, critical damage, and critical percentage. Accordingly, after the hero accumulates experience points in matches. Once you meet the conditions, you will advance to a new level, thereby improving your stats.Shadow Slayer MOD APK

To enhance the hero’s fighting power at Shadow Slayer. Can be equipped with various items and accessories. Through completing missions in battles to receive rewards. From there equip new weapons, armor, hats, shoes, magic books, rings and necklaces. Each type of equipment has different stats. For example, weapons often possess stats that increase attack power. Or rings and necklaces increase speed, as well as health. There is much more that you will learn about in detail when participating in the game.

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