Shadow Knights: Idle RPG 50 MOD Menu VIP, Money, God Mode, high damage, unlimited resources APK
Shadow Knights: Idle RPG MOD APK 50

Shadow Knights: Idle RPG 50 MOD Menu VIP, Money, God Mode, high damage, unlimited resources APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Shadow Knights: Idle RPG
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher CookApps
Size 205MB
Latest Version 50
MOD Menu, Money, God Mode, high damage, unlimited resources
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Shadow Knights: Idle RPG is an idle role-playing game. Unleash challenging dungeon battles. Accordingly, you will become a shadow warrior and lead the legion of darkness. Mission to participate in the raid to fend off waves of attacks from the enemy. Aim to overcome obstacles and destroy them all to move forward. From there will complete the assigned task. This game is a combination of action mechanics and strategy. With many outstanding features provided by CookApps developer. From the system of shadow units to the equipment used. Along with the graphics are reproduced in a lively space. Combine extremely realistic and unique sound effects.

Download Shadow Knights: Idle RPG MOD APK – Lead the Shadow Legion Into the Dungeon

Follow the plot of the game Shadow Knights: Idle RPG to go on a dungeon raid mission. In the role of a warrior who has the right to lead the dark legion. Your mission is to go deep into the dungeon and uncover the hidden mysteries. Thereby will be hindered by fearsome enemy forces, they appear in large numbers. To be able to pass there would be no other choice but to attack. Command the legion, combine with the skill of the warrior to create endless combos. Deal damage to defeat hordes of enemies, thereby winning and moving forward. Accordingly, there will be many bigger challenges waiting, which must be overcome in order to achieve the goal and complete the mission.Shadow Knights- Idle RPG MOD

The gameplay takes place

The course of the adventure in LMHAPKSS‘s Shadow Knights: Idle RPG. Shadow warriors can be recruited to create a legion of up to 4 dark units. They will be at the vanguard of the attack against the enemy forces. But that’s not all, recruited units can capture and create more shadow units. From there it is possible to increase the number of legions to face the fearsome waves of the enemy. In the process, the warrior will be protected and behind. Can use skills to fight with the legion. This not only increases the survival rate. It can also increase the win rate to go deeper into the dungeon.Game Shadow Knights- Idle RPG MOD

Diverse quest system

Go on a journey in the dungeon dungeons of Shadow Knights: Idle RPG. Will have to perform a lot of different tasks given specifically. For example, complete the login every day. Create 100 shadows after battles, and collect specified items. Successfully kill the required number of enemies and fight the boss at one stage. There are many other quests that will be unlocked one after another after each challenge is completed. But the difficulty has also increased since then with many new challenges waiting ahead. Requires the strength of the warrior, as well as your legion to be strengthened. From there will have the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards after completing the tasks.Shadow Knights- Idle RPG MOD APK


The warrior in the game Shadow Knights: Idle RPG is shaped in the style of a swordsman. Possessing strong fighting ability with unique attack skills. Strength is assessed through stats including attack, HP, healing, critical rate, speed, attack speed, magic defense, and physical defense. Experiencing battles, it is possible to use the resources collected to conduct upgrades. To improve level stats such as strength, HP, and critical rate. Help warriors to excel in the next journey.

There are 33 units of darkness

Next to the warrior is the appearance of dark heroes. According to the information learned, currently, Shadow Knights: Idle RPG has 33 different heroes. They are divided into 3 attributes such as fire, water, and wood. Each person is uniquely shaped in their own unique style. That difference is reflected in the appearance, weapons used, and accompanying equipment. The hero’s abilities are shown through the stats. Includes attack power, HP, attack speed, and defense. Accordingly, you can use the resource to proceed with the upgrade. Aim to strengthen the heroes to attack the enemy and easily destroy.Download Shadow Knights- Idle RPG MOD

Also, experienced battles in Shadow Knights: Idle RPG. From the destroyed enemy force can take their shadow. Then under the control of the heroes of the night to create a new unit of soldiers. Help your legion force increase to continue the journey, possibly facing the next raging waves. Here, there are many different ball units to capture. Each ball has a different size, shape, as well as fighting power.

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