Shadow Fight 2 2.35.0 MOD Menu VIP, Money, Weapons unlocked, Max level, Titan, Enchantment APK
Shadow Fight 2  MOD APK 2.35.0

Shadow Fight 2 2.35.0 MOD Menu VIP, Money, Weapons unlocked, Max level, Titan, Enchantment APK

Written by Hai Nam (7 days ago)
Participate in ultimate martial arts combat with the hero Shadow, practice your skills and powerful moves to defeat your opponents in the ring. Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK 2.35.0 this version has a VIP Menu that gives you a lot of in-game money for you to buy and unlock weapons to make your character stronger. When starting, your character has reached max level 99 and has unlocked all types of equipment and levels of the game. This version does not contain Enchant and Titan errors when playing, so it promises to bring you the most satisfying first martial arts scenes.
Name Shadow Fight 2
Requires Android 4.1+
Latest Version2.35.0
MOD Menu VIP, Money, Weapons unlocked, Max level, Titan, Enchantment
Price FREE

Shadow Fight 2 is an explosive live fighting action game with eye-catching combat scenes, bringing players into a challenging combat world. This version is marked by carefully invested gameplay, providing a more realistic and thrilling combat experience than ever.

Highlights of Shadow Fight 2:

  • Realistic fighting skills: NEKKI has carefully refined the fighting skills in Shadow Fight 2, helping players experience eye-catching and realistic combat scenes. Every attack, every kick is vividly simulated, creating breathtaking and dramatic battles.
  • Huge arsenal of weapons: Shadow Fight 2 gives players a diverse arsenal of weapons with unique powers and styles. From sharp swords, powerful gloves to powerful bows, all contribute to the strength of your Shadow warrior.
  • Rich character system: Joining the world of Shadow Fight 2, you will be able to choose and transform into many unique heroic characters, each possessing unique skills and powers. Explore and conquer every challenge with your favorite warriors.
  • Power upgrade: Shadow Fight 2 allows you to upgrade your character’s power through the equipment and skill system. Train and upgrade your Shadow warrior to become a leader in the fighting world.

Shadow Fight 2 promises to bring you a satisfying and challenging fighting experience.

Shadow Fight 2 – The ultimate martial arts fighting battle

Experience ultimate martial arts combat with Shadow Fight 2! Not simply throwing punches and attacks, Shadow Fight 2 requires players to have precision in every move and fighting skill. This is the key point that creates the appeal and appeal of this game. Each battle is a tough challenge when you have to face diverse opponents, possessing different skills and strengths. To win, you need to use your intelligence, skill and flexibility to adapt to each opponent and launch precise, powerful attacks.

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The story of the main character Shadow

Shadow – the main character of Shadow Fight 2 is a mysterious unknown. No one knows his real name, only that he is a mighty warrior hiding in the shadows. Having lost all his memories, Shadow goes on an arduous and dangerous journey to find his past and himself.

Journey of darkness:

  • Cross the dark world: Shadow wanders through a world filled with darkness, which holds countless dangers and powerful enemies. Each battle is a tough challenge, forcing Shadow to use every skill and strength to survive.
  • Face fierce enemies: On the path to finding memories, Shadow must confront countless fierce enemies, from savage thugs to ruthless assassins. Every battle is an opportunity for Shadow to train himself and become stronger.
  • Discover the secret of darkness: Gradually, Shadow discovers the mysterious power of darkness hidden deep within his body. He learns how to control it, turning it into a powerful weapon to fight and decode secrets about the past.

Shadow is a charismatic and mysterious protagonist in Shadow Fight 2. The story is about his journey to find his memories and power. With eye-catching action scenes, engaging storylines and rich combat systems, Shadow Fight 2 promises to bring you extremely interesting and unforgettable experiences.

Master your character with skills

In each battle you will not need to do too much to control your character. With 3 navigation keys: move forward, backward and jump. Control your character with these 3 navigation keys. Depending on the different situations, the enemies you encounter. Transform the above skills so that enemies cannot attack you. There are characters with the skill of flying into the sky and simultaneously launching attack skills. Combine it with jumping on the navigation key. Unleash a fatal blow to finish off the enemy. On the right side of the screen will be the character’s skill keys. Each character will have a different number of skills. Please learn and become familiar with the controls to become more proficient.

On Shadow’s journey to conquer the underworld in Shadow Fight 2, he faces countless dangerous and challenging enemies. Each boss possesses unique powers, skills and stories, contributing to creating a lively and dramatic fighting world.

Below are some typical enemies that Shadow must encounter:

  • Lynx: Shadow’s first enemy, possessing incredible speed and agility.
  • Hermit: A mysterious hermit with unique and mysterious fighting abilities.
  • Butcher: A ferocious butcher with extraordinary strength and ferocious attacks.
  • Wasp: A dangerous assassin with incredible speed and accuracy.
  • Titan: The most powerful enemy in Act II, possessing enormous size and devastating power.

In addition, Shadow must face countless other enemies, each of which brings unique challenges and experiences. Through each battle, Shadow not only practices his fighting skills but also gradually reveals the secret about his past and his journey of revenge.

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Massive arsenal

The world of Shadow Fight 2 gives players a diverse arsenal of weapons, each with its own unique power and fighting style, helping to improve Shadow’s fighting skills.

  • Sword: Sword is a classic weapon, symbolizing majesty and sharpness. Each type of sword has different speed and damage, suitable for flexible strategies.
  • Knife: Knife brings flexibility and speed in attack, helping players overwhelm opponents with fast and accurate thrusts.
  • Gloves: Gloves are the perfect choice for those who enjoy close combat, providing powerful punches and solid defense.
  • Sticks: Sticks are diverse weapons with many usage styles, from powerful strikes to powerful horizontal sweeps, suitable for those who prefer flexible tactics.
  • Double-edged sword : Double-edged sword brings explosive power in each slash, a choice for warriors who prefer overwhelming attacks.
  • Scythe: The scythe is a long-range weapon, allowing players to control the battlefield and take down enemies from afar.
  • Kunai: Kunai are unique throwing weapons that can damage enemies from afar or be used as effective melee weapons.
  • Hammer: Hammer is a weapon that symbolizes destructive power, possessing blows that smash enemies.
  • Crossbow: The crossbow is a powerful long-range weapon, helping to accurately defeat opponents from afar.
  • Dagger: Dagger is a powerful secondary weapon, complementing main attacks with sudden and vicious stabs.
  • Electric Cone: Electric Cone is a special weapon that stuns enemies, creating an overwhelming attack opportunity.
  • Whip: The whip is a flexible weapon, flexible in both attack and defense, suitable for those who prefer variable fighting styles.

Each weapon in Shadow Fight 2 has its own advantages and disadvantages, requiring players to choose and upgrade appropriately to maximize Shadow’s power. Explore this massive arsenal of weapons and create your own unique fighting style!

Diverse game modes

Shadow Fight 2 offers players 2 main game modes:

1. Main game mode:

  • Contains 7 chapters with 7 giant bosses and 6 bodyguards before each boss.
  • Players need to pass levels, equip new skills and items to increase their strength.
  • The system automatically unlocks new moves when reaching a certain level.
  • You should learn about the tricks to use them properly.

2. Secondary game modes:

  • Brings more diverse challenges than the main mode:
  • Survival: Fight continuously to earn gold and maintain health.
  • Duels (Arena): Challenge other players online.
  • Challenge: Overcome special challenges with attractive rewards.
  • Underworld (Hell): Fight strong enemies in harsh environments.
  • Tournament: Battle up to 24 opponents to earn gold and equipment.

With a rich game mode system, Shadow Fight 2 gives players diverse and challenging fighting experiences.

Unique graphics and sounds

As I said in the game introduction. Shadow Fight 2 has unique graphics that are unlike any other action game. In addition. The sound of the game is also extremely catchy. In a classic confrontation battle. Players will not see anything other than black. Characters, everything around you including your opponents. Everything is just pitch black. When you attack an enemy. Each slash will emit a different color. It can be red, blue, yellow, white, etc… Depending on each character, the color emitted will be different. Along with that, the sound when attacking the enemy must be really great. Realistic, catchy sound effects make players feel much more excited.

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Explore epic battlefield locations

Shadow Fight 2 brings you eye-catching martial arts combat battles with diverse and unique battle locations. Each battlefield possesses its own unique beauty, contributing to creating a thrilling and intense atmosphere for each battle.

Let’s explore some typical battle locations in Shadow Fight 2:

  • Fire Arena: Where fiery battles take place between fighters, surrounded by flickering flames, creating an extremely impressive scene.
  • Mirk Forest: Fighting in the dark, mysterious space of this forest will bring you a feeling of extreme suspense and tension.
  • Frozen Fortress: This place possesses majestic scenery with giant icebergs and a cold atmosphere, creating a challenge not only in combat skills but also in the player’s endurance.
  • Ancient Temple: Fighting in the sacred space of an ancient temple will bring you a mystical and sacred combat experience.
  • Chaos Universe: This place possesses a chaotic, constantly changing space, requiring players to be able to adapt quickly to win.

In addition to the above typical battle locations, Shadow Fight 2 also possesses countless other battlefields with unique characteristics and challenges. Explore and conquer all of these battlefields yourself to assert your strength!

Shadow Fight 2 Implemented MOD APK Features

  • Towards menu
  • Max level 52 and 99
  • Lots of Money, full money
  • No Enchant error
  • full gem enchant
  • Titan

For this fighting action game. I really like the mod version of Shadow Fight 2. Because in this mod version there is a lot of money to spend. The main factor that determines victory in this game is the weapon. Combat weapons are sold for gold. So when using the unlimited money mod version, you can shop everything completely free of charge. Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK 2.35.0 to join the fight in the dark.

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