Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module TD 2.04 MOD UNLIMITED TOWER, Remove Ads, Shopping Without Money APK
Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module TD MOD APK 2.04

Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module TD 2.04 MOD UNLIMITED TOWER, Remove Ads, Shopping Without Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module TD
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Gyro Games
Size 75MB
Latest Version 2.04
Category Strategy
Price FREE

Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module TD is built according to the castle defense mechanism. The gameplay takes place according to the storyline revolving around the task of stopping the enemy from attacking. The setting unfolds on the battlefields designed in a sci-fi style. At the same time will experience the free features in offline mode. Accordingly, you will become a commander to build towers along their attack route. Thereby creating a line of defense to prevent enemy forces from taking away the energy at the base. To be able to complete the quest will have to wipe them all out. Rely on your strategy to build towers. Since then, it has continued to attack fiercely with strong firepower. Cause all enemy troops to be destroyed and win.

Download Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module TD MOD APK – Build Tower Defense To Stop Alien Enemies

Learn about the plot of the game that unfolds on the distant planet Nahaku. This place is home to pandas, they lead a peaceful and happy life. This beautiful planet is illuminated by 23 stars. But for unknown reasons, a star ceased to shine and disappeared in the face of confusion. Accordingly, the pandas must find a way to find the star and restore the light. Aiming to illuminate their planet in darkness. Taking advantage of that opportunity, the alien invaders launched an attack. They target the energy at the bear’s base. In order to steal so that he can rule the planet Nahaku.Sci-Fi Tower Defense ule TD

More than 80 levels take place

Become a military commander in the planet Nahaku to carry out the mission. The goal is to prevent alien forces from taking away the energy in the base. Through over 80 different defense levels to overcome. Each level unleashes an intense battle over the terrain of Nahaku. Along the enemy’s attack route into the base. You need to build defense towers in empty areas. From there they will automatically attack to stop the enemy. Simultaneously in each level that takes place, the alien enemy splits into many different attack waves. As a commander, you need to create a strong line of defense. Aim to destroy each enemy until wiping out the attack wave to win.

At each level of defense will be proven achievements through the number of stars. Win excellently and fulfill the conditions at the participation level. Then you can successfully complete the task and get a maximum of 3 stars. Based on that will get bigger rewards. Helps you to accumulate to use in trading, unlocking, and upgrading activities.Game Sci-Fi Tower Defense ule TD

There are 9 types of defense towers

Process against waves of attack from the alien army in Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module TD. 9 different types of defense towers can be used, divided into 6 main towers and 3 sub-towers. Accordingly, the main types of towers such as Gauss, Rocket, Tesla, Laser, Gatling, and Mortar can be mentioned. Each tower type will attack in its own style to defend the base. Shown in the firepower fired on the battlefield. The difference between them is also assessed through indicators. For example damage, fire rate, and range. Moreover, it is possible to upgrade in the battle to enhance the ability.Tai Sci-Fi Tower Defense ule TD

There are 31 types of support modules

To increase the defense of the tower during the fight. It is also possible to equip additional modules for each type of tower. There are 31 types of support modules divided into 5 different elements. Each module will be unlocked when the required conditions are met. Using them to equip the tower will increase the stats. For example, increase the attack range, reduce the reload time, and increase the damage dealt. There are many more modules with outstanding capabilities that you will discover when you join. But to be able to equip the tower will have to use the collected data points. Each module will require a different number of data points.Download Sci-Fi Tower Defense ule TD

Follow the plot of the game Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module TD to do level-based missions. Every time a new level is started, the difficulty will increase. With many variations to challenge your strategy. Shown through the terrain and the route leading to the base. The number of attacks from alien enemies has also increased. Especially the appearance of many new units with superior capabilities. From stamina to movement speed. Even at some stages even have to face the boss. This causes your tower defense system to attack fiercely. But that couldn’t even stop the enemy troops.

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