Scary Stranger 3D 5.33.1 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK 5.33.1

Scary Stranger 3D 5.33.1 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Scary Stranger 3D
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Z & K Games
Size 740MB
Latest Version 5.33.1
MOD Unlimited Money. Unlimited stars. Unlimited energy
Category Action
Price FREE

Scary Stranger 3D revolves around the story between a boy Bob and a tough man. The content of the game will be played according to an interesting storyline. Accordingly, Bob is a mischievous boy with a dream of teasing people. Suddenly one day, across from Bob’s house, a man moved in. But he is not friendly and cheerful with others. Choose to isolate yourself at home. Especially often annoying with children and people around. Not stopping there, the man who just moved in used to be a teacher. The rest of the information is unknown. But with the desire to tease the teacher in life. Bob decided to take action to tease the man.

Introduce about Scary Stranger 3D – With Boy Bob Perform Actions To Tease Men!

Follow the story of the game to unfold interesting teasing stories. Includes Firework Display, Go Bananas, A Sweet Surprise, Wrong Direction, Shotgun Disasret, and Upside Down. Each story unfolds a different teasing puzzle. With interesting themes, it is necessary to take action in real-time. Thus causing the man living in isolation in the house to receive painful results. More specifically, in each story, you can play your way. There is no specific process to follow. Which can take action based on your teasing idea. Same topic example, but you can tease in many ways. From there bring different surprises for men.Scary Stranger 3D

Gold coins and stars

The reward received after successfully teasing the man is gold coins. The amount will increase after completing the teasing quizzes on the new topic. Moreover, it is possible to receive large amount of gold coins by logging in every day. Helps you to accumulate to use in trading activities. Along with that is the star icon collected during the teasing action. They can be found in mysterious locations in the man’s living quarters. Using the number of stars accumulated, you can unlock many new teasing themes.Game Scary Stranger 3D

The process takes place

The gameplay of the game Scary Stranger 3D takes place in a sequence. Before starting to act to tease the man. You will be watching a short video of his activity that will take place. Then will start to take action, moving stealthily from outside the gate. Look for nearby objects or necessary tools. They appear in many different locations, even some hidden areas. The word is used to disrupt the man’s actions. After completing the action it is necessary to quickly leave his home area. You will now be able to track your teasing activity to see the results.Introduce about Scary Stranger 3D

Man movement tracking

The process of performing the act of teasing the man. Need to look at the surveillance camera to know his location. Through movement to judge the exact position of the man in the house. From there choose another route to avoid, not being detected. Because that will cause you to be chased and attacked if you let him catch you. However, if you run away quickly, it will be safe to leave the area of ​​the house. But then it will be difficult to carry out the teasing action. Because the man will be more alert because there has been an intruder before.

Buy assistive devices

Use gold coins earned after teasing activities. You can use them to buy a variety of equipment. Examples include carbonated water bottles, metal rods, hammers, iron traps, and many more. Words can be used to assist in some actions. Or tease the man, make him feel pain. For example, a metal rod can be used to break a door. Hammers are used to breaking hard objects. Or trap spikes placed anywhere on the man’s path. When he stepped on it, his legs would be clamped, making it impossible to move quickly.Tai Scary Stranger 3D

Through the teasing activities between the boy Bob and the man in Scary Stranger 3D. There will be many different scenarios. It takes your skills to find the fastest way to solve the puzzle. But sometimes it won’t be possible to find a method. Now you can use suggestions from the system, shown by the light bulb icon. For example, when you find a lot of devices on the table in the living room of the house. Don’t know what to choose to be effective. Using hints will help you find the right device.

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