Save The Pets 3.6.20 MOD Lots of Money APK
Save The Pets MOD APK 3.6.20

Save The Pets 3.6.20 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Save The Pets
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Bravestars Global Publishing
Size 55MB
Latest Version 3.6.20
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Test your thinking and intelligence in the game Save The Pets. This is a puzzle game. The content revolves around the task of protecting the dog from painted gourds. Your task is to draw to create a defense to prevent them from burning the dog. Accordingly, you will enjoy exciting levels of play. With a mix of puzzle game genres. Bringing fun and entertainment, but equally challenging from the levels. Because there will be a series of situations that open up in many different environments. In addition to the bees, there are also dangers such as water, lava, spikes, and bombs. This will test your skills in the puzzle process. Can you help the dog out of danger?

Save The Pets – Draw to Create a Defense Layer to Protect the Cute Dog!

The puzzles unfold in a painting style, presented on a square sheet of paper. Accordingly, many different situations will be recreated. The cute dog appears at a location on the page. Surrounding is the challenge of environmental conditions. The same honeycomb is drawn in a different location. Your task is to touch and draw strokes according to your own creativity and ideas. The goal is to help the dog safely escape the stings from the bees flying out of the hive. At the same time do not fall into the harsh environment to ensure life. In real-time, after the time ends will complete the task. From there, you will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement achieved.Game Save The Pets

Level-by-level missions with increasing difficulty

The mission system will be recreated according to the levels. Each level opens a puzzle on the umbrella page. With different situations for you to do. After proceeding to draw to create a defensive layer for the dog. Within the 10-second countdown time limit, if it is safe to survive, the mission will be completed. At the same time, receive diamonds in the corresponding amount. Accordingly, you can accumulate to continue to the new level. The difficulty will increase with the new puzzle change. Open up another situation of higher complexity than before. Make it difficult for you to protect the dog. Just as it is difficult to achieve excellent results to receive the maximum reward.Tai Save The Pets

Achievements are represented by the number of stars

At Save The Pets, achievements at each level are evaluated by the number of stars. At a level can achieve a maximum of 3 stars. Accordingly, the number of stars will be based on your stroke. If the stroke is short within the limit, the maximum number of stars can be reached. Conversely, as the length of the stroke increases, the number of stars will gradually decrease until only one star remains. However, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the dog. Only when it is safe for 10 seconds countdown can the task be completed. From there, get the number of stars based on the length of the stroke. The reward received also corresponds to the number of stars at the participating level.

The drawing process is possible through the green horizontal bar displayed on the screen. Divided into 3 compartments, corresponding to 3 stars. As your stroke is made, the ink on that bar will gradually decrease. Accordingly, it is possible to know in advance the achievements you will achieve after completing the task.Save The Pets

Creativity and intelligence need to be cultivated

The puzzles are played out dynamically in a variety of situations. To be able to solve puzzles and achieve excellent results will require a player’s skill. Moreover, at each level, there will be no time limit for solving puzzles. But each level is getting more and more difficult. Creativity is required because it will challenge your intelligence. The length of the stroke must be short, but ensure the safety of the cute dog for 10 seconds. Over time it is necessary to gain more experience, as well as improve your puzzle thinking. Through failures to come up with new gameplay. Aim to solve puzzles in a better way for excellent achievements.Introduce about Save The Pets

Through the puzzle levels of Save The Pets. Will enjoy 3D graphics in vivid painting style. Expressed through environmental conditions drawn on the page. Examples include water and lava environments. Along with that are other obstacles besides the swarm of bees. Typical are sharp spikes traps and exploding bombs. Based on 3D graphics, there is also a combination of sound effects. With funny background music, and funny tunes. From there, it will bring a sense of excitement during the puzzle process.

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